Marc Ecko Launches Signature Fragrance

Marc Ecko Perfume AdAfter being a successful name in the streetwear apparel world, Marc Ecko is trying to make a mark on the fragrance world with the launch of his first scent, Ecko by Marc Ecko.  

The signature scent, according to Ecko, helps to maintain focus on the core brands, which, in the face of a bad economy, are the ones that continue to do the best.

Marc Ecko comments on his new fragrance:

“This isn’t the typical fashion designer fragrance brand.  This is every man. My story is really an American dream, made from scratch, made from nothing but a dollar and a dream.  My consumer knows my story, and that’s why I wanted the smell to feel invigorating, bright and alert. I didn’t want it to be moody or avant-garde.”

The Marc Ecko signature fragrance will feature top notes of ginger, white grapefruit, lightening accord and hyper citrus accord; a heart of violet leaves, black licorice and wild artemisia, and a drydown of static accord, tonka beans, white incense and energized musk accord.

About the sexy scent, Ecko stated:

“It was always my aspiration to get a scent that was highly wearable.  I wanted it to be like a stimulant — almost caffeinated. I wanted it to be clean and bright, but something that wasn’t so clean and soapy that it wasn’t sexy. And it was important to me that it have a semi-unisex vibe.”

This will not be the first and last of Marc Ecko’s fragrances, as there are already plans to release the next fragrance, a sports scent which is projected to be released in fall 2010.  Neil Katz, Chairman and CEO of Parlux Fragrances, Inc. (the firm which is also working with Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna on their upcoming scents) stated:

“Come January, this will really be our only men’s fragrance, so a lot of energy will be going into building our men’s business.  Within the next two years, we will have four men’s fragrances, all uniquely positioned to address different segments of the men’s audience.”

The Marc Ecko Fragrance is due to hit your nearest department store -Macy’s Dillard’s and Belk- on October 1st, 2009, and will include eau de toilette in 1.7 oz. for $55 and 3.4 oz. for $65 and a 2.6 oz. deodorant stick for $19.

The sexy ad features Ecko and model Tori Maisey, photographed by Tony Duran, and will also officially be launched in October.

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