Rocawear, Jay-Z, Beyonce “Answer the Call” for NYC Fashion Week and Sept 11 Madison Square Garden Concert

Jay Z at Rocawear Fashion Week Party (Photo by: Jacob Breinholt)

It is Fashion Week in New York City. Thursday, September 10th was the official night citywide for kickoff parties. This celebration is referred to collectively as “Fashion’s Night Out.” Rocawear’s soiree this time around was huge for several reasons. The lifestyle brand, purchased from founder Jay-Z several years ago by Iconix, is currently in the middle of a huge marketing and promotional campaign to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Additionally, Jay-Z is releasing his “Blueprint 3” album on 9/11/09, the same day of his sold-out concert “Answer the Call” at Madison Square Garden. 100% of proceeds from the concert will be donated to NY Police and Fire Widows and Children’s Benefit Fund.

And you better believe that SoJones was holding it down at Rocawear Fashion’s Night Out. Located in the same building as Rocawear’s corporate headquarters in mid-town Manhattan (in the fashion district, of course), the party was a few floors down from the offices, on a floor that had been stripped down to the concrete and steel just for the event.

Beyonce, making a cameo at the Roca Wear Fashion Week Party (photo by: Jacob Breinholt)
Beyonce, making a cameo at the Rocawear Fashion Week Party (photo by: Jacob Breinholt)


Lining the center of the floor were temporary white walls, adorned with various photos from the Rocawear look book and of Hova himself. DJ D-nice was spinning hit after hit, of course mixing a solid amount of Jay-Z material, including tracks from the “Blueprint 3” record. Absolut Vodka was sponsoring the event. So, in addition to the copious Rocawear fashion displays, there were giant bottles of Absolute Mixed on every bar, as well as the several lounge areas.

The attendees were a very eclectic mix that spanned the spectrum of age, race and gender. Over all the crowd seemed fairly young and for the most part, dressed to the nines. Some of the group went the casual jeans route, while others rocked 3 piece suits complete with bowties.

There were a few fall 2009 trends that really stood out at the event. One prominent article was the fedora: there were a lot of them. Several guys were trying to rock the look with the fedora cocked to the side, dreads hanging out, and big glasses.

Another very common item at the party was vests. There were a lot of guys rocking vests, both with button-ups and with t-shirts. Everyone there managed to pull it off well, but with this crowd, who would dare not to bring their A-game? 

Jay-Z and the Roca Wear Gang at RW's Fashion Week Party (Photo by: Jacob Breinholt)
Jay-Z and the Roca Wear Gang at RW's Fashion Week Party (Photo by: Jacob Breinholt)

As for the ladies, lets just say that skin will never go out of style. There were lots and lots of mid-thigh dresses/skirts. There were equally as many tops and dresses with open backs.

The party was banging all evening long. There were a couple of film crews there filming promotional stuff. It seemed like nobody was sure if Jay-Z was going to make an appearance or not. Right around midnight, the DJ kicked it up a notch with a long Michael Jackson tribute mix, leading straight into a series of 80’s and early 90’s throwback tracks. People were really starting to get out and dance.

Things were in full swing, when Hova walked through the door. He casually strolled over to one of the lounge sections and did a Patron shot with some of the others from the Rocawear group. Beyonce entered a short while later, but didn’t stay for very long. Always keep ’em wanting more, Bey!

The Rocawear crew planned and executed on a great event. Major props to Jameel Spencer, Aleesha Smalls and the Rocawear team for showing SoJones the love. Don’t forget to watch tonight Jay-Z Live on Fuse From Madison Square, 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern!

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