Mos Def Brings the Album Artwork and the Tracks in Apparel Format

Mos Def has released a tshirt to promote his latest album, “The Estatic”. But not just any tshirt…

The image above (“Taken from Charles Burnette’s “Killer Of Sleep”) is in a way what we’ve come to expect from Mos Def, but these days his intentions are so unpredictable, we’re just along for the ride most of the time. The rapper (and sometime actor) has become the first major artist to endorse The Original Music Tee (TM), a shirt “that literally weds music and fashion”, according to a press release.

Album artwork from Mos’ debut, “Black On Both Sides”

The shirt is set up like this: there’s a picture of the album cover on the front, the tracklist on the back, and a hang-tag with a code to download it in MP3 format. Ever heard of this? Neither have I until now; I thought the download card they have going around at Target nowadays was the future. Looks like the future will bombard us in multiple media formats.

Mos Def’s Ecstatic shirt is $39  but still costs twice as much as opposed to buying the album on a CD, vinyl or digitally.

Who’s checkin’ for this? Any Mos’ fans and clothing enthusiasts who think this is a clever marketing move?

Let’s hear it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Mos Def Brings the Album Artwork and the Tracks in Apparel Format”

  1. I think its great execution! Lets people know you support the artist and gives the consumer a tangible product not just to listen to but to wear! Died watching his character in "Next Day Air"!

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