Look Like A Million Bucks, Literally


We’re officially bored with the recession. Hearing about it, living it and reading about it is making us crawl the walls. So today we’ve decided to give you the guidance you so desperately have been seeking: how to blow over $1M on a single casualwear outfit that includes NO bling. 

Here we go, from head to toe, and we’ll prove that you don’t really have to do a formal James Bond or a glitzy Kimora Lee Simmons look to pull it off. You can still be the everyday wearer of cap, t-shirt and jeans… but with no everyday price tags.

Elita Baseball Cap
Start big.  Shell out $22,500 to sport the world’s most expensive baseball cap. It comes with its own handcrafted wood display box.

Elita Baseball Cap

The Elita has an all-silk interior, a serial number plate to confirm its exclusivity, a removable 22 karat gold top button, and a 22 karat gold “Z” moniker on the front panel.  Of course you can have your initials embedded into the cap… no extra charge.

Dolce and Gabanna Sunglasses
While the luxe designer brand favored by Madonna is now a household name, never forget that Dolce and Gabanna originated from the highest haute couture peaks in the fashion world.  Rock their one-of-a-kind shades complete with unique serial number, dubbed the most expensive shades in the world, selling for a whopping $383,609.

Dolce and Gabanna Shades

Gotta love the solid gold frame, and the all-diamond logo embellishments on the sides.  

Adidas x Run DMC Vintage T-shirt
A fashion statement that will add color to your bank statement… a crimson color that is.  Adidas has long been associated with iconic hip hop group Run DMC, and now they are on record for one of the most expensive t-shirts in the world: Here’s one of the rarest “My Adidas” Run DMC shirts made by Adidas straight outta the 80’s.

Run DMC t-shirt 01

Walk this way, and the tee can be yours for a mere $6,500 on eBay. Previous owner’s sweat included.  

The most valuable boxer shorts in the world
Not your father’s Fruit of the Looms: These are replica boxer shorts, as worn by Sylvester Stallone in his classic movie Rocky.

Rocky's Boxer Shorts

By far the cheapest part of your outfit, the satin and embroidered shorts will only set you back $99.  You’ll show off a hint of them through the holes in the most expensive pair of jeans ever sold…

Levi’s Classic Vintage 501s
The most expensive pair of jeans on record is the 155-year-old pair of Levi’s 501s which were sold to an anonymous bidder from Japan for a cool $60,000 in 2005 via eBay.

Levis 501 Vintage

Nike Air Force One “So Cals”
Think Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezys sneakers are too expensive at $650 a pair on the after market?  Well, compared to the kicks below, the Yeezys look like the last-minute impulse buy you threw in the cart while in the Walmart checkout line.  In 2007, rapper Big Boi was presented with a customized pair of diamond-studded Nike Air Force One “So Cals”.  The shoes themselves are valued at $50K, thanks to 11 carats of fancy brown colored diamonds around the Nike logo which is cast in gold metal.  Thugs on your trail won’t find any loose stones lying around, as the diamonds are studded in casings held together by fine gold stitching.

Nike Air Force One So Cals

Roland Iten Gold Belt Buckle
Swiss designer, Roland Iten created the solid gold mechanical belt buckle for those who appreciate functional art.  The complicated design and the use of gold makes it very appropriate to be priced at $25,000.

Roland Iten Belt Buckle

You’ll have to get in line to purchase the belt.  It takes 9 to 18 months to produce just one; just long enough for a layaway plan.

Opera Three  Watch by Girard Perregaux
Never be late again with this platinum watch, featuring an alligator band and an ability to sound passing hours not with a mere beep, but with actual tunes!

Opera One Girard Perregaux Watch

Guess that’s why it’s retailed for $495,000.  When you’re rich, you don’t have to look at the time.  You’ll just listen to the hours go by.

Today’s task completed, we’ve created your million-dollar look. The total damage: $1,047,708.  Cash or credit?


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