20 Best Hip Hop and Rapper Tattoos of All Time

Looking for a little inspiration for your own ink? Want to see what the biggest names in rap and hip hop have tatted on their various body parts?

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Read on to find out which urban music artists have the biggest, most complex, most cryptic, most narcissistic and the boldest tattoos on the planet.

1. Artist Name: 50 Cent

Tattoo Description: 50’s back tattoo is clear evidence of the over-the-top opinion he has of himself. As you can see, he has his moniker tattooed the size of a Jansport backpack covering his entire back.


2. Artist Name: Eminem

Tattoo Description: Eminem got this upper left shoulder tattoo as a remembrance for his uncle, Ronnie Pilkington, who committed suicide back in 1991. Eminem was much closer to his uncle, who first introduced him to Hip Hop, than anyone else in his family and often includes Uncle Ronnie in his lyrics.


3. Artist Name: Jay-Z

Tattoo Description: Earlier this year, Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles tied the knot. Instead of dropping a diamond the size of a grapefruit on her finger, which Hova could well afford, they both decided to get wedding band tattoos.


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 4. Artist Name: Nelly

Tattoo Description: Nelly’s best-known piece of ink is on his right bicep. The piece is a skeleton hand of cards (where the cards spell Nelly instead of their proper number designations) with a spade and a set of dice rolling out of the flames.


5. Artist Name: Eve

Tattoo Description: One of the things that Eve is best known for outside of her music is for the set of paw print tattoos placed unconventionally, and prominently, on both breasts.


6. Artist Name: LL Cool J

Tattoo Description: LL Cool J’s Right Arm Tattoo “Mr. Smith” over a large microphone.


7. Artist Name: Bow Wow

Tattoo Description: Young rapper has large, scary clown on his left shoulder.


8. Artist Name: Lil Wayne

Tattoo Description: Face with “Fear God” on his eyelids and a “C” in between his eyes which is the first letter of his last name and the first letter of his mother’s name, Cita. It could also be “of” which would make “Fear of God”.


9. Artist Name: Lil Wayne

Tattoo Description: Back tattoo is made up of lines from a prayer.


10. Artist Name: Tupac Shakur

Tattoo Description: the late great rapper had a Gothic Cross on his back, which is the logo of  his record label ‘Amaru Records’


11. Artist Name: Kelis

Tattoo Description: Hip-hop artist Kelis rocks a flowery colored tattoo on her back.


12. Artist Name: David Banner

Tattoo Description: Mississippi rapper and platinum hip-hop artist David Banner, with his home state on his upper back.


13. Artist Name: Nick Cannon

Tattoo Description: Nick Cannon beats the rest when it comes to showing love with some ink, with Mariah tattooed across his upper back.

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14. Artist Name: Fat Joe

Tattoo Description: Say hello to my hairy bicep: Fat Joe with his Scarface character Tony Montana tattoo.


15. Artist Name: Xzibit

Tattoo Description: A shout out to his West Coast roots, “Lost Angel” is inscribed in an intricate gothic script across Xhibit’s shoulder blades.


16. Artist Name: Che Mack

Tattoo Description: “I Dream Therefore I Am” is her favorite tattoo. She explains, “I’m a Pisces and we are considered dreamers and we live in our own fantasy world.”


17. Artist Name: Lloyd Banks

Tattoo Description: Rapper had a large back piece done for the Miami Ink reality TV show.


18. Artist Name: Keyshia Cole

Tattoo Description: Singer has a heart and “Have Faith” script on the back of her right ear. Keyshia has often stated that her religious faith saw her through tough times.


19. Artist Name: Monica

Tattoo Description: Singer has tattoos of face of Jesus with thorns and roses on her left upper arm.


20. Artist Name: Pharrell Williams

Tattoo Description: Rap singer/producer has an Renaissance-style angel in flight on the back of his neck.


49 thoughts on “20 Best Hip Hop and Rapper Tattoos of All Time”

  1. People love to get tattoos and forget about the fact that they are permanent and really need to take the time to consider what they are going to place on ythem and what it says about them. If you are a strong soul something like a Phoenix is awesome. When it comes to names of someone on you I really don't think it is a good idea. unless it is your parents or childs name. Something you know you are never gonna lose love for.

  2. rhaps you are a fucking noob do you tattoo for a job? probly not so stop the cryn and fuck up with your shit poeple get what ever they want. and they no when u getn a tattoo itz 4 life so stop talkn ur crap and get a life u fagg.

  3. There's great art here, some real strong tattoo work, though– not for nothing– it's a pity so few tattoo artists really try to take into consideration what type of tattoo is going to look good on darker skin tones. Mr.Cartoon did his thing on 50 Cent, Lil Bow Wow and Xzibit (on this page), but look at Monica, Tupac and Lil Wayne: their work wasn't done with a good idea beforehand on how to make it look on their complexion, or to make their skin look good wearing the tattoo — there's too much darker shading and bad outlining.
    People with dark skin should probably go for relatively thin line-work and limited all-black filling or dark-grey shading, and more medium greys. Imagine if Tupac's "Thug Life" piece or even that word on his lower back were done like Xzibit's "Fallen Angel" back-piece…
    Anyway, just wanted to offer some food for thought for anyone looking at these tattoos for inspiration.

  4. u never tattoo9 any1s name on ur body ecept ur mom dad or kids but then again nick cannon tried2marry every1 he eas with even if it was a week relationship some1 is looking for love cuz he never had any or has real low self esteem

  5. i thank Che Mack got way 2many tats it's takin away from her feminine swag. sumthin simple like keyshia and monica got would have been a better approach

  6. I think all of em are pretty tight but if anyone is lookin to get these tats tatted on em you aint gettin a real tattoo for yourself.. They thought the shit up so why cant you?


  8. yall some dumbasses!!! first off monica is my idol ans so is keisha cole sooo wich says……i wanna giit a tat like monica except..have my name on da bottom i already have six…wtf??? she aiint come up wit dat ppl had dat befo ha so shut da fuck up

  9. I have my husbands name tatooed on my chest. And I don't give a fuck! Even if someday we were to ever seperate he's a big part of my life 15 years plus and we have 3 beautiful daughters together. So for that alone he deserves to have his name on my chest. And I will never cover it up. I plan on being with my papi forever bitr if shit does happen. The next mf is just gona have to get use to it.lol 4 real

  10. No. 3 is the worst tattoo ever first of all you can barely see it and of course the only reason its so high up there is because its jay z, 2Pac should have been No. 1 with his infamous THUGLIFE tattoo, that tat is single handedly famous in the hihp hop world.

  11. No. 3 is the worst tattoo ever, first of all you can barely see it, but of course it's way up there only because it's jay z. 2Pac should have been No. 1 with his infamous THUGLIFE tattoo, that tat is single handedly famous in the hip hop world.

  12. I want the same one 2! I want to put babies names around it. But I can't find the actual Tattoo so I can let the guy know exactly how it looks. Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn!!!!!!!

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