Pharrell Williams not a fan of bling… is he sure about that?

Pharrell Williams has a problem with bling, and thinks only “cheap minded people” wear it.

Pharrell states: “I don’t understand bling – I never wore any. To me, it’s cheap jewelry for the cheap-minded. I don’t associate myself with the hip-hop fraternity. Pieces that I design are only of the best quality.”

Can’t blame the guy: he has the ridiculously expensive Billionaire Boys Club sportswear label and cult favorite Ice Cream Footwear.

Billionaire Boys Club collection
Billionaire Boys Club collection

The 3-time Grammy winner keeps a  clean, modern aesthetic with the colorways he uses in his clothes (especially polos).  Here’s his promo video for the Blason collection, his jewelry line he personally designed for Louis Vuitton.

Pharrell claims to hate the large, gaudy accessories other rap stars are famous for sporting. Now you and I know this guy was what Pharrell had in mind:


T-Pain and his Big Ass Chain bling

‘Nuff said. Can’t blame that ignorance on ANY type of A-A-A-Alcohol.

That makes sense. But wait– here’s Pharrell wearing a diamond pendant that looks suspiciously blinglike:


Then again, it was part of a fine art installation he collaborated on, so we’ll give him some leeway on that one.

But then there’s the below: Pharrell caught redhanded wearing what could only be classified as cheap-minded bling, standing next to the King of bling himself, Jacob the jeweler. 


Busted! And then the cherry on top: Pharrell decking out his iPhone with 18K gold? How is someone wearing bling a cheap minded person, yet a phone dipped in gold… isn’t? Too many questions, so little time! (Photo courtesy of Boy Genius Report)


Lastly, Pharrell accessorizes his look with a custom G-shock watch, draped in black diamonds.

Oh and don’t forget the backup gold watch: only one made, and based on Bape collaboration DW-6900. The watch is encrusted in gold while the G-Shock logo on the top of the face is left in rainbow colors.

Pharrell has studied jewelry in France, and is an innovator in every sense of fashion, but what do you think?  Do you think Pharrell is all hype with the “cheap minded” statement, or is he really trying to make a valid point here?

Let’s hear it in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Pharrell Williams not a fan of bling… is he sure about that?”

  1. Well he isn`t tryin to make a point but he is next to kanye one of the few people who can contradict himself and getaway with it.

  2. There are always two sides to every coin. He does need to clarify himself a little better though. Anything said in this biz will get flipped upside down and inside out the bling he does wear is not that bad. I have seen some heavy stuff in my time and he keeps it kinda on the down low.

  3. Pharrell can do what he wants. The dude has dumb Money. I would do the same if I had a chance like that. I would do it now but it would be fake and folks would probably look at me pretty damn stupid. Are those really his creations that he create or does Pharrell have a designer group like Kanye has? Overall Very Talented!

  4. I was thinking the same thing when I read that somewhere he said "Bling is cheap, I don't do Bling" or whatever. Then I remember seeing his ass stroll into the opening of the BBC store in Japan decked out in some ridiculously large necklace pendents and im like How the hell is this NOT "bling"?
    But who knows maybe he meant that the other rappers bling is nothing but some fake ass s**t they ordered from the back of a vibe magazine or something and his stuff is real. Although I must say I don't see him where those big ass chains anymore, so he probably was with the fad for a min but stopped and is now against it. IDK I thought that whole thing was funny my self…..

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