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There is nothing more exciting than to find something new in the streetwear scene. is always on the lookout of major talents and have recently talked to 21 year-old Mikey Fermoile, the creator of an up and coming streetwear line titled Clazik Clothing, which consists of tattoo-inspired graphic t-shirts and hoodies.  The El Cajon, CA, resident spills the beans about his venture.

How did Clazik Clothing start?

Clazik was started in late 2007- I am into fashion and was influenced by the large established companies but I wanted to do something different-I wanted to do something that didn’t have a label or a certain trend-a brand that didn’t categorize the individual who was wearing it.  I skateboard, BMX, race motorcycles and ride fixed gear bikes, but that doesn’t mean that I am one particular group.  I enjoy them all-so anyways Clazik was started based on individuality- we wanted to focus on all aspects of life although we came from action sports, tattoos and classic car background-with our main focus being on good art and great quality.

We are a unique lifestyle brand not worried about each new trend.

Why Clazik? Were you referring to old school classics or were you trying to create a new classic?

I tell everyone I didn’t choose the name Clazik- it chose me-and it stuck, some people may not like it because it has no meaning, but in a way yes, we are trying to invent new classics.   I feel that having a name without a meaning allows me to start from scratch and invent my own style that the brand follows rather then letting a name depict the styles.

But as much as it is original, you must have had some influences. What are they?

Southern California culture in general, the classic car culture I was raised on through my dad, tattoos, art and alternative sports-everything from skateboarding-bmx-and motorcycles-all these influence me-lifestyles that I have either lived and know or simply admire and represent through design.

Clazik Felon Tee

Now, if you started this in late 2007, that means you were only 19 when you started. How did you see the streetwear scene back then? Why do you feel the need to produce your own line instead of relenting to what’s on the market?

I admire all the brands out there, so it’s not that I wanted to start a brand thinking I had to take over the scene- when I was starting, it was during the 10 deep chain gang hoodie craze and the Nike Sb Tiffany phase- don’t get me wrong I admire a company that can create such a want for an item, just as The Hundreds and other companies still do- it was the fact that so many new companies were popping up with a simple font saying across a tee shirt, or a picture of a bikini model in Nike’s- i just felt it was time for a change, time to do something different with more art behind it and less colors. I am a strong believer in hard work-and feel that nothing will fail with enough effort and work. I thought if these companies can do, then so can I!

That’s inspiring. Did you do it all yourself?

Thank you.  As far as the business side of it… yes, but I always have friends giving me input on designs, dropping tees off to their friends that saw them wearing a shirt and wanted to buy one- I must say- Clazik wouldn’t be anything without the huge support of everyone, especially everyone that has been there since day one- the ones that have bought a tee every time we release something, they know who they are and I can’t thank them enough.

Okay, let’s talk about the clothes now. We see some t-shirts and a couple of hoodies. Are you expanding your line in the near future?

Yes, we are in process of releasing 2 hat styles each in one color way for our Fall/Winter collection-they will be simple yet effective and clean to begin with- nothing to crazy- as for now that is as far as we are expanding, just taking small steps while always keeping our open for new stuff.

Which designs would you recommend to buyers for this season?

It is so hard for me to single out a certain design, because this is our best release yet, with every design bringing something to the table-I really do love them all-and each one has its significant highlight- I would have to say it’s a tie between the Bandito– which is an awesome graphic with simple colors that are effective-it also represents us, the people we are- living life on the edge and taking everything that comes our way the same way traditional old school bandits would have done and the Felon Script– which was done by my friend and tattoo artist Matt Phelan.

Clazik Bandito Tee

Any plans to release a women’s line?

Women’s shirts have been in the back of my head since the beginning.  And since girls are always demanding we release some items, we may release some current designs- such as the Clazik script- just a simple print on a women’s shirt. As far as a whole line- it is definitely in the future, but I am a guy, therefore I don’t know women’s clothing like I do men’s.  So right now I am trying to perfect what I know, when that is accomplished then it will be time to do a women’s line.

Last question: Why should people buy Clazik?

I don’t feel that people should just buy Clazik- that makes it sound we’re only about the money-and we’re not-people should SUPPORT Clazik because we aren’t here for a quick buck- we are here to support those that support us and never forget where we came from- We want people to support us so we can continue to grow and make clothing which is what we love to do.

You can get Clazik Clothing for $7 up to $20, exclusively on their website at  Below are some SoJones-approved Clazik Clothing items.

Clazik Killing Time Tee
Clazik Drips Tee
Clazik Handstyle Zip Up Hoodie

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