This is for you, Michael


I know some of you will be sick and tired of yet another Michael Jackson tribute of sorts, but this is my first time writing in-depth about my personal experience with it.

June 25, 2009 was a very relaxed day for me until hearing about Michael Jackson getting rushed to the hospital. I was a little  alarmed but wasn’t anticipating it would be very serious. 

Then I heard about the cardiac arrest; I immediately hopped onto Twitter. News was trickling in about it, and one of the very first trending topics had the misspelled “Micheal Jackson” come in. Probably because people were too shocked to even think, even more spell the word “Michael” right.

Then TMZ reported it. My heart sped up a bit and I heard myself gasp. Instantly 1 out of every 3 Tweets in my Twitter friend list was about the evolving drama. Then about 1 out of every 2 friends on my Facebook page was talking about it. I happened to stumble upon Rapper Bow Wow’s Ustream and watched as he stayed glued to the phone, one of his first calls being to rapper/CEO Jermaine Dupri (Janet Jackson’s husband) to no avail. The television on Bow Wow’s screen, which couldn’t be seen, only heard in the background was turned to CNN. CNN hadn’t confirmed it yet, though the LA Times, TMZ, and a couple other news sources had at the time. It seemed like a dream.

Later it was a night of reflection; I went to my car and turned on the radio. “You Are Not Alone” came on. Memories started to flood… how I used to think of my first crush while listening to that song in 1997. It was all a bit close to home, but I didn’t cry (was close though).

Back then I was way more into hip hop, what with Biggie Smalls album “Ready to Die” never leaving my Aiwa oval boombox. I came around when Michael was touring like mad and known for his dancing and I do remember my favorite song from the movie “Free Willy”:

Michael’s performances literally left people fainting, amazed, and wanting more every time. I have the DVD of his concert in Bucharest and to this date, it’s my favorite live concert footage ever. Have you seen it?

Thanks for the memories, Michael.

And you can thank these retailers for their contributions to a legend as well, whether done in tribute or greed:

Diamond Supply:(Price not specified, limited edition)
G.O.A.T. by Superfreshial, $20.99
RIP by Mad Science, $15.40
RIP by Print Liberation, $16
Dance Like Michael Jackson, $25.
Andy Warhol Michael Jackson, $32

Michael Jackson Pop Art, By Baostudio, $23

I know what you’re thinking: Now that Michael Jackson has passed on, everyone and their brother with a Cafepress account is trying to make a dollar!

I’m disgusted by this possibility, but on the other hand let’s give the designers the benefit of the doubt that they really were trying to make quality art and do something as a gift for the King of Pop.

Would you buy any of these shirts, reader? Which ones do you like? Let’s hear it in the comments!


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