Drank: the Anti-Red Bull?

drank, the "anti-energy drink"

It’s been around since June 2008, taking the American Hip Hop south by storm. On their site (www.drankbeverage.com), “drank” claims to  “calm and relax you”, with zero side effects and ultimate effects. But how?  Melatonin, valerian root and rose hips. Lots of questions arise here:

1. What if I’m driving and accidentally drink this and veer off the road? (my answer is “you’re dumb”, but I digress.)

2. Can this slow one’s heart rate to a dangerous level?

3. Is it safe for active types, such as athletes?

…and so on.

Innovative Beverage Group, the beverage’s distributor based in Houston, has seen ample profits since its launch. Peter Bianchi, founder and CEO of Innovative Beverage, reports of 7-Eleven wanting to distribute, at subsequently rushing Drank to market in just 90 days. I’m sure that had to do with the product placement it’s received:

An image still from Keri Hilson’s video “turnin’ me on”


One would think beer and wine has the same effects that “Drank” claims. Hmm. In a November 28th article from last year, Bianchi said in an interview that “The word ‘drank’ was to catch people’s attention,” he added. “You have to put on bling-bling to get noticed.”

More celeb product placement: A Lil Wayne song called “me and my drank”

Another interesting commercial: is this a report or something? Who’s he representing? (besides the obvious, LOL I kid, I kid)

A sampling of YouTube comments:

user: guzmanhou ” I just bought one last night at a gas station by gulf gate in houston, i slept like a baby”

dwalker254 ” Say, i’m drankin one as i type zzzzzzzz… ay but for real, i sipped one last night and a quarter through i was leanin. then i fell asleep. the end”

After watching these vids it is quite clear to me that what we have here is an attempted revolution on our hands. A battle of energy vs. anti-energy, and a lot of youths who are willing to experiment, combine, and give proud testimony to any effects they feel. My theory is a drink like this is perfect for the current economy. With lost jobs and tight budgets, all kids from the less fortunate to the middle class to the wealthy can all tap into the market appeal of drank.

I’m really bummed I didn’t get a sample sent to me by Innovative Beverage, but if I’m at a 7-11 sometime in the near future, I’ll be sure to sample one and report on how I felt afterwards.

Needless to say,  feedback from black and Hispanic communities hasn’t all been positive. Lil’ Keke from rap group “the screwed up click” states, “These drinks are adding more fuel to the fire, especially after the Big Moe, Pimp C thing happened. This is like a mockery for us.”

Readers, have you drank the “drank”? Would you buy it again and/or recommend it? Let’s hear it in the comments!

drank the anti-energy drink is available here.

6 thoughts on “Drank: the Anti-Red Bull?”

  1. Lil' Wayne is talking about the original "drank" which is codiene cough syrup, sprite and jolly ranchers. That's where the company got the name from.

  2. So people need to be careful with that stuff. This sounds like one of those things that can really make you sick if not careful

  3. The drink Airline77 is talking about is Drank, a mixure of sprite, jolly ranchers, and codine, a depressant drug similar to morphine and heroin, extracted form the opium poppy. Its effects are much like morphine or low doses of heroin.


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