Just Say No to Overgold



In 1988, Keenen Ivory Wayans starred in a comedy movie called “I’m Gonna Get you, Sucka.” One of the scenes involves the police investigating a body that was found wearing loads and loads of gold chains.

The police deduce that the cause of death was an “O.G.,” or “Over Gold.”

It isn’t 1988 anymore, but we can still watch and learn from some of the key principles illustrated in the movie: When one adorns oneself with tired, over-sized gold accessories, one will garner laughs, not respect.

Don’t get us wrong, accessorizing is a good thing. Jewelry is a very versatile prop. From chains to rings to watches, gold is truly never going to go out of style. The stylish way to wear it, however, is something that is constantly shifting with the seasons and years.

Know that just because a successful rapper can get away with wearing a huge chain, or a custom watch the size of a dinner plate from Jacob the Jeweller, that does not mean that everyone can pull it off. In fact it is debatable that the over-the-top chains worn by rappers even work for them. Let’s take a look at some ridiculous examples below.

Exhibit 1: Young Joc.

Are you kidding me? That chain weighs as much as he does.


Exhibit 2: Busta Rhymes.

In this case, it isn’t the size of the chain, as much as it is volume. Choose one and go with it (although downsizing couldn’t hurt either).


Exhibit 3: Ghostface Killah.

That eagle is clearly stolen from the ark prop in Indiana Jones. Ghost wouldn’t have to be dining at the local vending machines if he hadn’t put all of his cash into bird bracelets.


Exhibit 4: Slick Rick.

Chains so heavy around the poor guy’s neck, he had to pop a squat because his legs gave out.


Exhibit 5: Lil’ John.

Lil Jon’s necklace apparently set a world record: it’s documented in Guinness as the world’s largest diamond pendant.

But are those types of records the kind that people want to be known for? NEXT!


If famous rappers can’t pull it off, imagine how non-famous rappers and wannabes will crash and burn attempting this.

The good news is that overblown chains and gold jewelry seem to be on the wane, even within the circle of hip-hop giants. Take a cue from artists like Jay-Z, who have adopted a minimalist style when it comes to accessories. True, he still wears a chain, diamond studs and/or a custom watch. But he keeps it within fashion reason. It is tough to find a photo of him recently where he is wearing more than one of the above mentioned items.


In the photo above taken during NBA All-Star weekend earlier this year, Hova accessorizes with a watch, scarf and sunglasses. Period. Lesson learned: Less is more.

All of this isn’t to say that everyone should run out and melt down all of their custom jewelry (although, that may not be a bad idea considering the current economic climate). Just take into consideration that wearing five pounds of gold and diamonds around your neck, jumbo earrings, bracelets with an obnoxiously-sized watch, proves nothing except that you’re trying too hard.


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