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Start the week with awesomeness and by awesome we mean Sneaker Headz. We’ve featured the brand before, and recently we found out that the brand is widely developed. SoJones talked to Sneaker Headz below. [Participate in our other giveaway with id America]

It’s been over a year since we featured Sneaker Headz. So what’s up with this awesome line?
We’ve been developing the brand and introducing new products to the line. We just participated in the H-town Sneaker Summit and did really good so it’s always about making new customers, getting feedback on the brand and keeping the same hunger we started with.

What are the key things in your current collection?
Our new shirt “Stock Invested” is killing it right now next to the still #1 seller “Ten Kicks Commandments”. We also introduced belts and a new type of bracelet that we got done just in time to test out at the Sneaker Summit. The guy that dressed the most out there was the first to purchase the bracelets followed by the women and younger crowd and thats what we like is trendsetters not afraid to try something they’ve never seen before and rock it to the fullest.

Tell us about your awesome ad.
The new commercial “American Streetwear” was written/directed by myself (Mike J.) and filmed by Angled Lines. I wanted to do a commercial that showcased both our mens and womens brand and visually made you feel like you were inside the room with us during our “ill”egal operations. To make it even more interesting I took the concept of having dope tee’s and ran with it.

Stephy C behind the scene of SnkrHdz commercial shoot

After playing with the concept in my head for awhile I needed to find the right team to bring to reality so I flew in Playboy Model Stephy C (Girl In Pink), employed Joel Morehouse (Angled Lines) and casted a few new faces (Leah Perzichilli/Jae Zendaya/Wesly Stewart). Luna Earth Decor came through as a sponsor to help with setup and take down as well. In the end it came out great and Sojones likes it so that’s all that matters right? I’m happy with it and it’s currently doing what it was created to do!

What should a man have in his wardrobe this season?
I think every man should have a belt and we have them so hit us up! Every male Sneaker Head should have “Ten Kicks Commandments” and “Stock Invested” t-shirts in his closet and every trendsetter should have one of our new bracelets!

How do you define ‘sexy’ in a woman’s look?
Women are beautiful like great works of art with all their curves and contours so as far as appearances a sexy woman is one that fuses what she has naturally with her style in clothing/accessories and brings it all together to create a visual masterpiece. The ultimate sexiness for me is good conversation because working in the industry I work in I’m always around and working with beautiful women but not many of them can sit and hold a diverse conversation so if you have all that wrapped in one consider yourself the definition of sexy!

Any upcoming collaborations with celebrities?
We are still meeting and networking with different celebs that we may want to do a collab with but nothing set in stone yet. We did do some designs for Tay Dizm (Nappy Boy) a little while back for his college tour. Right now we are working with a sneaker company on a collab so we’re definitely open to collabing with other companies to create something dope.

Check the full Sneaker Headz collection at the brand’s website:


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