GoodWoodNYC Giveaway: Round Three!


Happy Good Friday, SoJones readers! And to celebrate this wonderful holiday, we have some GoodWoodNYC prizes to give away this Friday. But first, let’s chat for a bit because the brand has been doing all sort of good tings, including a charity for Japan’s earthquake victims. We also got GoodWoodNYC Cinco De Mayo limited collection sneak peek!

So this week we’re giving away men’s accessories. Can you tell us about the prizes?
The Royalty bracelet is made in the same style as traditional saints bracelets. Ours depicts the different royalty icons from a deck of cards. The Dragon is a symbol of power and good luck.

Which kind of accessory is the most popular among men: bracelets or necklaces?
Necklaces and bracelets are both popular but the bracelets have been getting more attention lately.

We took a peek of your blog and it appears that you have two new limited-edition collections. Can you tell us about them?
One of our most recent limited pieces is the Cinco De Mayo colorway of our Dia De Los Muertos Piece. The piece was re-made to reflect the colors of the Mexican flag in honor of the holiday. It will only be available until May 15th. We also just released this years 420 piece, last year we did a necklace but being it is the 40th anniversary we created a set including a wood tobacco grinder and bracelet. The bracelet is similar to our Royalty bracelet in design and incorporates hand stained green wood. The set is limited to 100 pieces.

We heard you did a collaboration with Akomplice for a charity for Japan. What’s the story?

We worked on our first project with them a few months back. Chace Infinite brought both of our brands together in releasing a Limited Africa piece and t shirt set in which 100% of the package’s profits were donated to Pump Aid. This time around the guys at Akomplice wanted to create something similar to help spread awareness and build funding for relief efforts in Japan. They created a T-Shirt design based on the ‘Support Japan’ concept. GoodWood got involved by creating pendants using implements of their T-shirt design. All of the profits will be donated directly to the Iwate Prefecture Relief Fund in Japan. I’m glad we could be apart of the project and do something to benefit people in need.

Akomplice x Good Wood Support Japan Pack


If you could sponsor a celebrity who’d rock GoodWoodNYC for life, who would it be, and why?
I’d like to get Snoop Dogg on board to rock GoodWood full time. Also Lady Gaga, cause I want to make some insane pieces for her.

Snoop Dogg reppin' GoodWoodNYC's Blue Africa pendant


What are GoodWoodNYC’s best seller so far?
Best seller of all time is of course the Jesus Piece. We have some close seconds with the Chief , Africa and Anchor.

And without further ado, let’s get on to the most-awaited event of the day…


This week, GoodWoodNYC will give away The Dragon Necklace & Royalty Bracelet for ONE lucky readers. Total prize value is $100 and here’s a peek of the prizes you might win:

Here’s how it works:

1. Answer this question:  Name two celebrities that GoodWoodNYC wants to sponsor if they’d rock the brand for life?
2. You can give your answer from April 22nd, 2011 through May 6th, 2011. Make sure that when you comment you provide a link of where we can contact you (like your SoJones account, your Facebook, etc.). It makes life easier to be able to contact you should you win.
3. Drawing for ONE WINNER will be held on May 9th, 2011. The winner will be announced on this page and on the forums page (

Article Comments Lottery Rules

* One package per winner

* Previous winners must wait 30 days before entering this contest

* Duplicate comments will not count, like posting “I love this forum” or “hi” 50 times.

* Garbage or nonsensical keyboard-pounding comments will not count, like “awr#$ASFasdfkl”

* Comments hating on other people will definitely NOT count.

* U.S. residents only

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