Streetwear Spotlight: Wazaa Ardhi Originals + GIVEAWAY!


What’s the truth about the African-American history?  You might need to do some reading to answer that question, but you only have to wear Wazaa Ardhi Original clothing if you want to look fly while sending the message. talks to Dwain Young of Wazaa Ardhi Original.

Introduce yourself and describe how your brand was started?
Based out of Rancho Belago, California. WAO (Wazaa Ardhi Original) founder and CEO Dwain Young started his company with one thought in mind, to build an apparel line that spoke the truth about our history. That love of history and his passion to share history is what fuels WAO today. In 2004 with his Throwback T-shirt line Watts 1965 and LA 1992. Attending local festivals and street fair’s the word soon spread and calls were coming from around the country. He knew that if he was going to tell the whole story, he would have to tell the story from the beginning and that is Africa. Teaming up with his designer Brian Thomas, they created Urban Knowledge Street Wear, The Resistance line was design to, spark dialogue and spread cultural consciousness. Our clothing lines are walking history lessons, paying tribute to events that shaped the future and made us who we are today. The Resistance line is about the shared history that many of us have limited knowledge or have forgotten. Urban Knowledge Street Wear is not just a clothing line, it is a movement. What inspires us are our customer’s response to the line, that feeling of pride and respect while wearing our clothing. This is what keeps the passion going.

Describe this season’s theme for your line. Include any sources of inspiration (examples: 80’s punk, muses like Amber Rose, 70’s disco bands, Kanye, etc)
Our clothing line is built around history and historical events. Every season there is something we would love to tell about history.

Any product placements on celebs to keep an eye out for (examples: publicity photos, magazines, movies, music videos etc)
Not that we know of, we have given a few celebrities our clothing but you never know.

What has been a surprise fashion hit over the last year? (A particular piece, a look or even another brand)
I would have to say guys wearing skinny jeans. Definitely not a good look.

What current fashion trend would you like to see thrown overboard?
Guys wearing skinny jeans of course.

What is/was one of your most prized fashion pieces, past or present?
I do not know if I have one particular piece, but I have always liked clean, classic lines.

TuPac or Biggie?
I would have to say both. TuPac for his lyrical style and Biggie was just smooth.

If you like what you see from Wazaa Ardhi, go over to their website at to get their clothing for very reasonable prices!  Or you can also participate in our giveaway!


Wazaa Ardhi Originals is happy to give away 3 (THREE) t-shirts for 3 (THREE) lucky readers.

Here’s how it works:
1. Every SoJones comment posted on this page from November 12th – November 26th, 2010 counts as a “lottery entry”. Also make sure when you comment, have a link to somewhere we can contact you (like your SoJones account, your facebook, etc.). It makes it easier to contact you if you win.
2. Drawing for THREE winners will be held on November 27th, 2010. Winners will be announced on this page and on the forums page (
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