SoJones Exclusive Interview: Marc Ecko Talks Cut & Sew and Lindsay Lohan


One of the most lucrative –and productive urban clothing designer, Marc Ecko, sits down with and spills the details on his newest projects. Find out what his newest projects are, why he made Lindsay Lohan his muse, what fashion woes he thinks should be ‘chopped off’ and his take on how to be fashionable. Marc even shares his tips for young aspiring designers, so you better get your reading done fast and put things into action.
Can you tell SoJones readers about your newest project? Why Lindsay Lohan as your muse?
Marc: For this Fall and winter 2010, I decided I wanted to do something a little bit different around the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew brand. I came up with this crazy notion of saying-what if I could create a digital muse and who that digital muse be? At the same time I’ve always been fascinated with augmented reality and user generated content. I created this fantasy of a woman who’s so dangerous that if she would have been existing in the real world- it would kill me. Once I decided I wanted to pay an homage to Robert Mcginnies illustrations and the old James Bond movie posters I realized Lindsay Lohan would be perfect. She’s a classic hollywood bombshell. Someone who could actually act, and create a dialogue that would incite our emotions. She has that young tragic Angelina thing.

If you want to experience the Augmented reality with Linday just log on to and follow the tutorial video.

What are your key items in the newest Marc Ecko Cut & Sew collection (Holiday 10)?
Marc: its all about shawl collars this year. Shawls on fleece, sweaters, even outerwear. Also, I am partial to single button, peak lapel jackets. Honestly though– those details are tactical. From 50,000 feet off the ground, my thing is always high plus low– and mashing it up. If it doesn’t trigger an emotion– good– bad, or indifferent– why bother?

There are many aspiring urban streetwear designers who read Do you have any advice about breaking into the fashion business?
Marc: Learn how to manage your emotions. Design is inherently emotional. Don’t let the ego of those emotions blur your ability to see the world and your opportunities as they really are.

What current fashion trend would you like to see thrown overboard?

Marc: emo. I’m done with it. No more wind swept hairdos on dudes. Enough. Bring the testosterone back. Wheres Ron Burgundy when we need him???? I get it. 9\11 exposed our raw center. So did George Bush. So does the shit economy. But must we wear our emotional vulnerability in such a heavy handed way? I’m ready to run around with my scissors and start chopping off some bangs!!!!

What are the three essential things a man and a woman should have if they want to appear fashionable?
Marc: authenticity. Authenticity. And lastly authenticity. Theres no one thing– or 3 for that matter .The idea of needing to “appear” fashionable— rather than “being” fashionable…from the inside out is something that can not be bought off a shelf or at a flash sale. If you are concerned with being “fashionable”, it —the “self conciousness”– sweats through your pores…no matter how good your LV loafers are. Go inside out, or go home poser.

What are your personal fashion must-haves?
Marc: clean sweet smelling sheets to be naked in with my woman…and a good pinky ring.

Marc Ecko Cut & Sew represents an evolution of Marc Ecko Enterprise into the Collection space. Launched in 2004, the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew collection blends classic tailoring with bold graphics and subtle embellishments. It was designed for those who want to start dressing a little more seriously but still maintain their youthful edge. The line includes t-shirts, hoodies, polos, premium denim and accessories including watches and footwear, all of it pulled off with just the right amount of swagger. Marc Ecko Cut & Sew is sold at the official online store at for prices between $19.50 up to $150. Alternatively you can read on and participate in…

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