Streetwear Spotlight: Chaplon Clothing + GIVEAWAY!


The wave of young streetwear designers is getting bigger and this includes Chaplin Edmonson who started Chaplon Clothing Company.  The Houston-based designer shows us all: when what you want isn’t available anywhere, you don’t quit and give in.  You make your own stuff and penetrate the growing market.  SoJones chatted with Chaplin and here’s what he has to say about his Chaplon Clothing Company.

Introduce yourself and describe how your brand was started?

Chaplin Edmonson, 25 year old chief designer and owner of Chaplon Clothing Company based in Houston, Texas. I’ve always loved art and the artistic expression. When I started the line there was a need for a certain type of clothing that I wanted but could not find. I began creating my own line using my abilities in art and design mixed with the style I wanted. The name (Chaplon) came really as a play on my childhood nickname “Chaplin” Edmonson. I was nicknamed after the silent movie star Sir Charlie Chaplin.

Describe this season’s theme for your line. Include any sources of inspiration (examples: 80’s punk, muses like Amber Rose, 70’s disco bands, Run DMC, etc)
This season is mostly based on life and experiences. I also drew a great deal of influence from music and wartime propaganda from different eras. The bold statements and images mixed with practical lifestyle items fueled the designs.

Any product placements on celebs to keep an eye out for (examples: publicity photos, magazines, movies, music videos etc)
We have been fortunate enough to have certain celebrities in hip hop and actors in Hollywood show interest in the brand. Look out for actors such as Keston Karter or Lance Gross and hip hop artist like Rhymefest, Sean Garrett, 9th Wonder and Dorrough wearing items from the brand.

What has been a surprise fashion hit for you over the last year?
Our “Stand Up” shirt has been a hit. Surprisingly only because I thought it would offend more people than it did but people really understood the message so it took some of the edge off.

What apparel trends are you really feeling this year?
I try really not to follow trends, however I must say that I am a fan of the deep grays and blacks as well as the posh plaid but like everything it can only be tolerated in moderation or it becomes an eyestrain.

What fashion trend would you like to see thrown overboard?
Neon and Tribal prints, I really think the world can do without them ever again.

What is/was one of your own most prized fashion pieces, past or present?
Back when Tommy Hilfiger was still “in” I had to be in maybe the 5th grade and had a Hilfiger jean jacket. I wore that jacket year round until I could no longer fit it including during Houston summers.

TuPac or Biggie?
I was a huge Pac fan growing up but as I matured I became more of a Biggie fan. So I say Biggie.

Chaplon Clothing is available for purchase at their official website for a reasonable range of prices.  Alternatively, you can participate in the Chaplon Clothing X SoJones giveaway!


Chaplon Clothing is excited to give out 3 (THREE) T-shirts for 3 (THREE) lucky readers.  Here are what you can get, each valued at $28.

Laziness Will Kill You Tee

Failura Is Not an Option Tee

All American Bad Boy Tee

Here’s how it works:
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