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Designing with your own idealisms is easy.  Designing to help other people express their own personality is hard, and Da Bottom Clothing is on top of the game. talked to Courtney Taylor, the co-founder of the brand, to find out why Da Bottom Clothing does not put its logos on its tees… and many more.

Jae Millz

Introduce yourself and describe how your brand was started?

My name is Courtney Taylor AKA “six” and I’m the designer and co-owner of da bottom clothing.

The brand was started with me (six) wanting to try and put my art and opinions on a new canvas. I approached T with the idea of starting a brand and he was all in. We both knew absolutely nothing about fashion or starting a clothing line but we knew we wanted to expresses ourselves and do it differently. The name da bottom represents our starting point and the wings in the logo represent the future. The concepts for our shirts come directly from our personal experiences and our responses to a lot of things that happen within pop culture. We didn’t want to use our logo as the artwork on our tee because we don’t want the person rocking it to represent us but to represent themselves and how they feel. With all of that in mind we went full force and chased our dream.

Describe this season’s theme for your line. Include any sources of inspiration (examples: 80’s punk, muses like Amber Rose, 70’s disco bands, Kanye, etc)

We don’t really release our material by the season. Partly because where we are from (florida) there is only one season called hot. We release collections and what we call “current event” tees. For example when Lebron, Bosh, and Dwayne wade signed with the Miami heat we released our trio tee which is doing really well right now. Our last collection was very sneaker oriented and that collection featured our extremely popular “stop rockin fakes” tee which we make in color ways that correspond with the Jordan releases.

Any product placements on celebs to keep an eye out for (examples: publicity photos, magazines, movies, music videos etc)

We travel a lot to promote the brand and we’ve collected a good amount of photos from celebs who have showed love. For example Wale, DJ Khaled, Triple C’s, Brisco, Gyptian, Billy Blue, DJ Ideal, etc.. and we truly appreciate it.
We’ve also outfitted producers Gorilla Tek and Midus for article/photo shoot they had with New Times.

Wale reppin' Da Bottom Clothing
Gyptian Rockin' Da Bottom Clothing
DJ Khaled reppin' Da Bottom Clothing

What has been a surprise fashion hit over the last year? (a particular piece, a look or even another brand)

It’s a pleasant surprise for me to see Good Wood really taking off. I like it because i feel like people have appreciation for the art of the pieces verse gold or diamonds where its more about the monetary value of the jewelery.

What current fashion trend would you like to see thrown overboard?

I absolutely hate these Gladiator sandals girls are wearing… if i could burn ever pair believe me i would!

What is/was one of your most prized fashion pieces, past or present?

One of my most prized fashion possession would have to be my pair of bo. jackson sneaker i had when i was you. till this day its my favorite sneaker to ever come out.

TuPac or Biggie?

Biggie was the best rapper, best poet goes to Pac.

Da Bottom Clothing is available on their website, for a reasonable price points: from $28 up to $32.  Check their collection for 2010 in this video:

Da Bottom Clothing – “Paperboy” from Da Bottom on Vimeo.


DA BOTTOM CLOTHING  is happy to give away 2 (two) supercool t-shirts to 2 (two) lucky SoJones readers. Check what you could win right here:

Da Bottom Cadillac Funkin Muzik (White)

Da Bottom Real Recognize Real (Gold)

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