SoJones Presents: MTV VMA 2010 Fashion Hits and Misses!


The MTV Video Music Awards 2010 has just ended but we got some memorable fashion statements for you.  Kanye West’s red on red finale suit was one of the highlights of the night.  Lady Gaga, who scooped tons of awards including Video of The Year, went for three different costumes and one of them made the SoJones Fashion Hit list.  Among the very boring and safe black get-ups that seemed to be the stars’ favorite this year, there are a few surprises, both pleasant and plain disturbing.  Here are’s version of MTV VMA 2010 Fashion Hits and Misses.

The Hits

Ciara looked hot in a black lace/furry dress.  Love her style.

Still in a black attire mood, Usher and the Best New Artist, Justin Bieber posed in style.

Lil’ Jon toned down the chains and looking really good.

Skimpy, laced out, but surprisingly classy.  Katy Perry pulls the look off!

Okay, if Selena Gomez was this grown up back in 2001, we’d say she had the millennium threw up on her.  But it’s been a decade since the whole silver craze, so she made our Hit list and looked real fine.

Model Eva Marcille added a splash of color on the white carpet and we’re loving her dress which complements her skin tone perfectly.  Hotness.

Drake lookin’ dapper.  Love the shoes.

Sexy Joe Manganiello is an example of ‘effortlessly sexy’.

Jenny “JWoww” Farley from MTV’s hit show: Jersey Shore, cleaned up real nice and although she played it safe, she sure rocked that little black dress.  Classy lady on deck!

And finally, Lady Gaga! Now, we know she always looked ‘weird’ and you can’t expect her in a ‘simple’ dress anywhere, but this Victorian-inspired costume is by far one of the best Gaga looks ever.

The Misses

Okay, we know you’ve been waiting for this, so let’s get on to the “What The F?” list, shall we?  First up with the bad getup is…

Lady Gaga with her ‘meat’ costume.  Fashion roadkill indeed.  Wonder what Cher felt when Gaga asked her to hold her ‘meat purse’.  And speaking of Cher…

…we thought up a new joke: Yo Momma is so fun, she likes to dress like Britney Spears.  Major FAIL.

Snooki dressed like… well, Snooki.  Girl should take notes from her co-star J-Woww on Cleaning-Up 101.

Who’s the soccer mom you say?  This is VJ Kennedy, ex MTV VJ who hosted the Alternative Nation program in the 90s.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino just HAS to stop showing-off those abs.  Clothes are made to be worn, dude.

We usually love Rihanna, but this ballerina/Chucky’s bride look is just not for her.  Sorry, Riri!

Somebody help Rick Ross find his time machine.  He needs to go back to 1972 with his velour cardi.

We know Robyn is all about ‘out of the box’ look most of the time, but here’s a tip, girl: when you decide to put on a bodysuit, the least you can do is stuck the tummy in.  Look, Nicki Minaj is showing you how to do it.

Um yeah.  Pink hair and pink onesie don’t work that well sometimes.

Okay, we’re gonna end the list with the ultimate WTF look from the MTV VMA 2010.  Please welcome… will.I.Am.

We are literally out of words about this one.

Any thoughts about the hits and misses?


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