Common and “Diesel Presents… Only The Brave” Series

Rapper / actor and artist, Common, has been endorsing Diesel’s “Only The Brave” fragrance since 2009, and who knew it has been a year since he took the role as the spokesman. By now, you’d think he’ll be coming up with more follow-up fragrances, but it turns out that Common and the folks at Diesel is cooking something even better: a video series.

The one-of-a-kind video series will be titled Diesel Presents… Only The Brave, and will follow the lives and back stories of artists who represent the Diesel qualities of the brave, men who take a stand and control their own destiny, seizing opportunities and making a difference. The fragrance represents these qualities, symbolized by the fist. Facing forward, the fist evokes power and energy; upright, it stands for self-affirmation; raised, it signifies victory, success and engagement.

The chosen artists are rappers Nipsey Hussle, Big Sean, Vado and Donnis, and fans will be taken from Los Angeles to Detroit, Harlem to Atlanta as the video’s backdrops. You’ll be privileged to take a peek into their lives and be engrossed in their personal stories, challenges and meet the people that have made them the men they are today. Be on the lookout for the series as the video will chronicle the four artists leading up to a VIP concert event in NYC on October 12th where they will share the stage with Common for the first time. This will be aired on MTV 2.

Meanwhile, for longtime fans of the scent, get your dose of Only The Brave today only at Amazon.

Diesel Only The Brave Eau de Toilette Spray, $51.09