The SoJones focus: Emaximus new single

Since emaximus has done it even bigger and copped the phat house on the hills, we at SoJones should catch you up with what is going on with one of the hottest rappers in the west coast right now. Since setting up his studio and making sure all the hits are fire, you can bet that he is also beefing up his SEO knowledge with Go Fetti and Dysmanic. His new song ‘I put my life on it’ is a real hit with many of the bay area rap fans who cook up the money like Stephen Curry does with his shot. Now with SoJones back on the coaching line, you better believe we have the hits you make you go ‘whoa’!


From the store to the studio. #emaximus
From the store to the studio. #emaximus

We always knew that plenty of people would flock to this new era of rappers that bump the SEO instead of having to watch out for the lame hip hop police. That is why Dysmanic got the mother goose beats that will easily help you to understand what Click Hop is all about. Most of the time, we expected people to never understand this side of marketing that we are pushing.

But the great thing about Emaximus is, he’s getting all the jewels from Bart and Go Fetti about how to optimize Youtube videos and more!

Get in the game with fresh press.
Get in the game with fresh press.

So what will independent musicians who need fresh fans do to get the fame without the drama? They will simply listen to the new and improved Emaximus to see how his flow has evolved into something way more awesome than what the industry is putting out. We caught up to an interview Emaximus did on CNN that explains his studio process:

What is your creative process? 

Its starts with me putting on my headphones, grabbing my iPod and just listening to beats, then I start brainstorming. I read a Thesaurus and dictionary and generate phases and unique words.

I then freestyle in my head until I find the right beat and topic come up with a hook then proceed. I take my time with it I don’t rush it. 

How often do people Google Emaximus? More than you think, now with Toronto and the whole Peninsula tuning in to hear more of the mastermind Emaximus.

All that we are thinking about is the fashion sense of how SEO rappers and hustlers alike dress, so stay tuned and we will add you to our expert mailing list so you can pull clients like Stevie Boi, who is currently touring worldwide selling sunglasses.

It's party time with the Bart man! #SEO #sojones
It’s party time with the Bart man! #SEO #sojones

And we will close this article out with some pimp poetry (this one is called “attack“) from the homie Jack:

Glowing eyes with a deadly surprise,
When the claws extend you know it’s the end.
The past and present blend as you black out.
Your last few breathes exhale out and your knees grow weak.eak.
You are swept off your feet as you crash to the ground.
A howl of the predator is the last sound ringing in your ears.ears.
Your eyes drop tears as adrenaline is replaced by fear.
The terrorizing creature that appears is a ghastly imagining
of a smear.
A blur of black with coarse fur your speech comes out in
a speech is a slur.
As the world begins to spin as you witness the end.