The Music of Lyssen: Hot New Artist Fuses Rap, Rock, R&B and Poetry

Music of Lyssen

If you are tired of today’s modern genre of music where the word ‘butt’ is a favorite lyrical word, you can have a breath of fresh air with Lyssen’s music. You can say that hers is a new ‘breed’ of music that fuses rock, rap, R&B, hip hop, and surprisingly, poetry.

In her new song entitled “No Name”, there is a lot of rock factor in the intro and refrain of the song.  The rock hit “It’s Been A While” by Staind gave the song a good hook and a very strong recall. The song has a strong hip hop feel, largely because of Lyssen smooth and soothing voice as she rapped her meaningful poetry.  A lot of listeners who chanced on the song say that it reminds them a lot of the Eminem’s ‘Stan’, which is an equally unique piece of music.

The power, really, is the song’s lyrics. It speaks of personal truths. And with lines like “when you live for you, you live for a reason to see every day through”, it sparks an inner strength for anyone who divulge on the song’s message. The rhythm and blues beat also gives this song a lot of approval.  It has a very beautiful message enwrapped in a very moving and engrossing music.

The song and the artist, Lyssen, have a lot of identity. Her genre is one that you don’t often hear even on independent media. Lyssen’s new song is not yet playing on main stream radio or television, but hopefully, it will, and very soon. New media and the internet will make this piece of art a big hit and make more people appreciate its uniqueness and beauty.

Performing artist Lyssen (pronounced as the word “listen”) is now gaining a lot attention. This poet / rapper is based in Chicago where she gets a lot of her inspiration. Her influence in music has grown deep and has been her tool to self-awareness.

Lyssen breaks the normality in music, where most artists will stick to just one genre, for branding purposes and what not’s. This time, this unique artist combines rap and poetry and everything that fits and makes sense to inspire and make beautiful music. In a recent interview, she says that it is not only her goal to make people appreciate her art, but also allows listeners to find art deep within their own selves.

Back in 2011, Lyssen released her debut album, which is a blend of true music and poetry entitled “The Un-Spoken Word”. Her iTunes Single released in 2013 entitled “Battle of Lost Souls Part II” has received lot good reviews, as well as a lot downloads.

Lyssen is not your typical rapper who would wear a pink bikini any time, but she is actually a motivational speaker who actively promotes self-awareness to people from all walks of life. She is into self-improvement and personal growth. In truth, we need a lot of ladies like her in the rap industry, and in the music industry in general.

“No Name”, Lyssen’s new single is produced by up and coming music producer and entertainment manager Travis Oscar.

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