The Best Headphones of 2015

The mobile music industry is quite big these days, and that is the reason for the rising popularity of portable music players and headphones. If you would like to know which headphones are considered as the best buys this 2015, read on. You may just find the one you are looking for right here.

1. RHA MA 450i


If you’re looking for a real value for your money, try this headphone. Released in 2014, this one may not be the cheapest that your money can buy. But it generously adds a few more features in exchange of some of the bucks that you pay for it. It boasts of impeccable design, great features, and good quality.

2. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Sennheiser Momentum 2

This headphone is priced a little bit higher than what you could have expected for a headphone. But it does not only sound better, it also fits very comfortably around your head, which is very important if you tend to listen to your music for long hours in a day. The studio quality sound you’ll get from this headphones make all the extra dough worth it.

3. Denon AH-D600

DenonAH D600

The lightweight construction of these headphones adds up to the comfort that it provides users while in use. They also sport street-friendly designs, which make them the best accessory for your favorite urban wear. The relaxed yet majestic sound produced by this headphone makes it the absolute choice for people who love good music and a strong fashion sense.

4. Beats Studio Wireless

Beats Studio Wireless

Everyone knows that the Beats brand of headphones doesn’t come cheap at all. Yet this one is still considered as a good buy because of its very convenient Bluetooth feature. While the price of this headset can go a little over your budget if you’re not prepared to pay top dollars for the best headphones, you’ll find yourself more the willing to fork over your hard-earned cash in exchange of a fairly good buy.

5. Bose QuietComfort 20

Bose Quietcomfort 20

You’ll be impressed with these headphones if you are looking for the type that can conveniently travel with you anywhere you want to go. These handy headphones promise a fully functional noise cancelling feature and a fairly comfortable design. With that said, what else could you ask for?

6. Beyerdynamic T51i


These are one of the best on-ear headphones that you can get in the market these days. It offers optimum sound quality, nice look, and a fairly comfortable fit. The price range is somewhat on the middle so that will surely make you happy as well.

7. Bowers & Wilkins P3

Bowers & Wilkins P3

You may consider the price of these headphones to be on the boundary of low and midrange. But when it comes to design and build quality, it ranks all the way up. Its sound performance and stylish looks make it one of the best balanced headphones available this 2015.

8. Audio Technical ATH-M50x

ATH M50x

These headphones are not expensive at all. But although modestly priced, they are among the best-sounding pairs available. Try them on and you’ll know that quality, value, and style may come in one neat package, after all.

Alexis Jackson is a huge fan of urban fashion and streatwear and loves to write about her passion and share it with the world.