SoJones review: J. Cole ‘Forest Hills Drive’

In the hood, we sure have heard it all. From guys bailing out of jail with just a pair of shoes, to people not getting the concept of putting money first, you gotta know that J. Cole really hit the world with a special release last year. The album has already went Gold, and the criticism has been a lot tighter on him than with the sales god and the 6 god. Let’s check out how J. Cole could one day actually be the #1 rapper in the world. Would he need to wear Stevie Boi to win the prize?

album of the year? Let us know your thoughts! #coleworldsojones
album of the year? Let us know your thoughts! #coleworldsojones

According to Wikipedia:

2014 Forest Hills Drive received generally positive reviews from music critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from critics, the album received an average score of 68, which indicates “generally favorable reviews”, based on 15 reviews. Erin Lowers of Exclaim! said:

“J. Cole’s determined to make music that matters to him. He shines without any features, standing strong in his delivery and carrying his story to the forefront of the 13-track project”.

And the thing is, the boy got bars like Rick Ross on the Rich Forever track, but this song is called ‘Apparently’:

My watch came niggas can’t wait for one of these
I see you nigga, this ain’t no Rolex, it’s a AP nigga
I’m hot, dog, catch up to me nigga
Uh, couldn’t resist
Aim for the stars and I shouldn’t have missed
But I was riding on fumes so I stopped by the moon
Now I’m sitting on the hood of this bitch
Like thanks for the view
Waiting on thanks from a few cause without me you wouldn’t exist
You know that shit gave you the blueprint don’t forget
Cole is your phone on zero percent
Going off, now niggas showing off
Niggas swear they hard but they flowing soft
I’m taking off like boing on a big ass Boeing
Getting head like a coin toss
Too easy

posted and ready for competition.
posted and ready for competition.

Kellan Miller of XXL stated,

“Hip-hop fans can be some of the most difficult to satisfy, and while there is no atrocious songs on 2014 Forest Hills Drive, this album reinforces the faith that Cole is a superstar. With every quality drop from the self-proclaimed “God,” his ceiling will continue to grow and so will fan expectations. On the finale track, “Note To Self,” Cole gives a long-winded thank you session against the sound of merry horns: “Everything happened too perfectly and in line.”

J. Cole is righfully satisfied with the end product, as will the fans. Now we wonder, what will come next for the storyteller who wants to change the genre for good. J. Cole will have to get more than just his base fans coming to him. Though he isn’t like A$AP Rocky and set claiming and fashion label rocking, he will find his way in this industry and SoJones gives the album a 4/5 stars!