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When you have hit after hit with Chris Brown, you know that next up for our streak of successful artists is rapper & singer Kid Ink. Working with artists like Meek Mill, Ty Dolla Sign, and more got Kid Ink the results he needed form one thing: a passion in producing. We can agree with such choices as Pharrell, Swizz Beats, and Timbaland to keep you dancing in the rec room all day when you have the radio on!

Kid Ink (right) with Sevyn Streeter. Big money on 24/7
Kid Ink with Sevyn Streeter. Big money on 24/7

Then of course came the real hit for Kid Ink. Real name Brian Todd Collins, with the hit ‘main chick’ blowing up the radio, we knew what was next for Brian- the fruits of hard labor. With tons of tattoos, you will be able to bet on Kid Ink getting the ladies hot every time they step into the venue he plays in.

In my own lane like #SoJoneskidink
In my own lane like #SoJoneskidink

Now what is next for the rising star? In an interview with Complex, interviews, Kid Ink talks about how a session with Pharrell turned into a better understanding of what his ‘lane’ really is:

That’s why I say it was like a crutch. People were always like, “This sounds like a record that should be on the radio and this should be a mixtape song.” People didn’t know how to look at me as an artist. That’s why I feel like I have to express it as far as my own lane and get it across. When I would make mixtapes I wasn’t making them to make mixtapes, I was making them to sound like an album.

When I sat in with Pharrell, at the beginning of the session he was asking me, “What do you do? What is your sound like? What is the vibe?” After doing two records he was like, “Oh, I get it now. From doing one record and and then doing another record, I can understand what your vibe.” I feel like people will get it when they hear the whole album.

If you can bet on better news and insight, you know Sojones comes with the great content every week. Now that you understand how to make better songs for the radio, this interview with Kid Ink really showed how to not annoy anyone with the music you make. When it sounds great for the radio, people will simply want to get more of the sound that is all ‘you’. Nobody else’s..

Right. And songs on the radio have that polish, they sound exactly the way they are supposed to. That’s not something I can say is true for a lot of mixtape rappers.
Kid Ink: Right. And, I learned that early from hearing stuff from Timbaland or Dr. Dre. It’d be so polished for sounds that all you needed was the four drums and it’d be the best song ever. You could get a song with 30 sounds and if it’s not mixed right or if the claps are too loud it’ll throw it off and be annoying to the ear.

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