Rapper Rahzel Jr’s ‘The Culture’ Music Video Released

Rahzel jr

After several months of waiting, rapper and Pelle Pelle brand ambassador Rahzel Jr’s ‘The Culture’ music video is finally released. The video’s premiere happened at MTV Jams on March 24, 2015 at 12nn EST. The music video was produced by !llmind and comes as a celebration of hip-hop music and its distinct notoriousness.

Rahzel Jr was clad in three different Pelle Pelle jackets in the entire length of the music video. He is known to have a meaning relationship with this clothing brand since the time he just introduced to the rap music industry by no other than his dad.

Now on his own, Rahzel Jr is ready to fill the airwaves with his unique sound. Catch Rahzel Jr garbed in highly plausible urban clothing as he jams it out with the sun god, trying to win back New York with his songs. His mission is to stop the city’s gentrification of hip hop music. Stay tuned for more updates on Rahzel Jr’s partnership with Pelle Pelle. To view the

To view the music video in its entirety, please click here.

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