Top 10 NBA Players to Follow on Instagram That Are Sneakerheads

The 2013-14 NBA Season has officially tipped off. And besides the amazing talent that’s taking place on the court, we also get to witness some killer kicks. While the basketball shoes that our favorite players are sporting should be enough, there are also the endless amount of sneaks that are favorites amongst collectors. And, what better sneakerheads are there besides basketball players?

While there are a lot of NBA superstars who are known to have a serious collection, there are only an elite few that are worth your envy. If you ever dreamed of being a sneakerhead, than you absolutely need to be keeping up with the following 10 players on Instagram. And, don’t worry. It’s alright to get green with envy.

10. C.J. Miles (masfresco)


Who? C.J. will probably be the least known player in this list. But, you seriously need to check out the collection that the Cav’s small forward/shooting guard has going on. You’ll become a fan.

9. Nate Robinson (naterobinson)


The Seattle native might be the NBA’s first three-time slam dunk champion, but he’s also the dude who rocked a pair of Yeezy IIs during a game. Yep. He’s a definite follow on IG.

8. Derrick Williams (dwillvii)


The Timberwolves forward was known to have a love for sneakers back when he attending the University of Arizona. We think that his collection has grown a bit since joining the league in 2011.

7. Demarcus Cousins (boogiecousins)


The young center from the Sacramento Kings may have some trouble keeping his cool, but you have to respect his choice in kicks. He’s a true sneakerhead with a collection that he should definitely be proud to showcase.

6. Tyreke Evans (tyrekeevans)


Before being drafted by the Kings in 09, Evans was the top ranked high school player in the country. The former University of Memphis guard has since moved on to New Orleans, where we expect the heat to only increase his status as top NBA sneakerhead.

5. Kendall Marshall (jethrowellington)


Marshall earned a rep during his college days at UNC as sneaker freak. As a member of the Phoenix Suns, we’re betting that his collection has only gotten bigger and badder.

4. J.R. Smith (teamswish)

35a0a71c061711e3a1c622000a1fbcae_7Even without his sleek collection of sneaks, the Knicks shooting guard has one of the most entertaining Instagrams out there. Plenty of fresh images to waste some valuable time, instead of, you know, doing something productive.

3. LeBron James (kingjames)


He’s not just the King on the court, he’s also royalty when it comes to sneakerheads. Don’t believe us? Just check out Bron Bron’s IG and tell us that we’re wrong.

2. Jarrett Jack (jarrettjack03)


The Cavs has no shame in boasting that his collection contains over 1,500 pairs of shoes. That’s insanity! If you want to catch a glimpse of the former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket’s massive collection, then make sure you hit him up at the above Instagram account. You’ll dig what he’s posting.

1. Chris Paul (cp3)


Not only is CP3 one of the best in the game, he also has one of the most popular signature sneaker lines. Oh yeah. He also has one of the most extravagant sneaker collections around. Hands down one of the most incredible sneakerheads on the planet. And definite Instagram follow.

How awesome is Paul’s vault? Check out the video and witness for yourself.

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