How To Survive A Sneaker Release Campout

You check the sneaker blogs like SoleRedemption daily to see all the latest news about new releases and then it finally happens. You see the super rare pair of kicks that you know you must have in order for your collection to be complete. You scout which places are going to be having a release and take off the time from other not so important activities, so that you can make the move to be first in line. You’re so close to getting the shoes that you can smell them and now you need to make sure nothing goes wrong. To help you avoid the pain that comes with missing out on a fresh pair of exclusives, we have put together a list of tips to help you conquer the sneaker release campout.

Bring a watch/phone/timepiece. 

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When it comes to a sneaker release, campout time is of the utmost importance. You need to have everything planned out to the tee, and that includes showing up on time and keeping track of how much time has gone by. Phones can die, so have a backup plan like a watch handy.

Lawn Chairs

Sneaker releases mean long lines for long amounts of time. With that said it’s nice to be able to cop a squat and relax for a bit.  The lawn chair is the perfect campout companion. It’s lightweight, portable and actually quite comfortable.



Every man should carry cash on him, and a sneaker release is the perfect place to have a few bucks in your pocket. Everybody has a price and wouldn’t it be nice to skip a few spots by shelling out a few dollars? There’s also that slight chance that the plastic might act funny, so like with all things in life have a backup plan, man.

Snacks and Drinks



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You’re going to be sitting in line for quite some time and you don’t want to try your luck and make a dash for the nearest food spot, so plan ahead and pack yourself some tasty snacks and drinks. If you’re on a diet, this is your chance to indulge on whatever and not feel bad about it.



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They are often overlooked, but umbrellas are the multi-use tool that you will definitely need on this adventure. Weather can be harsh and it can also change at the drop of a dime, so why not be prepared for it all. When it rains you can keep yourself dry, when it’s bright outside you can get yourself some shade, and when a sucker acts like a fool, you can pop him in the head. All with your umbrella.



Lines can get lonely and electronic devices like your trusty phone or iPad can help you stave off boredom and as a bonus help you announce your achievement on bagging up the new kicks the second it happens.



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It can get cold during the long nights of a sneaker release campout and it’s important to stay warm. You want to be ready when the big day gets there, so it’s important to be prepared for Mother Nature and whatever she dishes out.



Going solo to a sneaker release is not highly recommended. Sometimes it just helps to have some company and in the case of a sneaker release campout, the more friends, the better.


Michael Mahon attended Clark Atlanta University, where he majored in journalism. He is a regular contributor to and has written for several other online and print publications, including,, Creative Loafing Atlanta, and INsite Atlanta. Aside from writing, he is also a huge sports fan and film buff.