Glitz and Glam: Casino Night Fashion Suggestions

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For centuries, we’ve equated casinos with luxury, afforded only by those who had cash to burn. As such, casino fashion has always been inspired by those living the high life, all glammed up and dressed to the nines, whether they’re playing actual table games a la James Bond, or just enjoying some of the high-class entertainment that casinos offer.

The truth is, however, that casinos nowadays hardly demand this sort of dress, and as anyone who’s ever been in a Las Vegas casino can tell you, casinos are now opting for a more casual, laid-back feel, in an effort to compete with the convenience that online casinos have been bringing to their patrons. In Asia, with Intercasino, the world’s oldest online casino, starting to offer live casino gaming promotions to Japanese and Asian audiences, even Macau’s casinos are under threat. Fewer and fewer people are making the effort to get dressed and travel down to their local casinos to gamble. By eliminating their dress codes, these casinos hope to make the actual casino experience just as convenient, with the added bonus of world-class services.

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But if you feel like dressing up for a night out in Macau, don’t let this stop you, as many like-minded individuals still go to the casinos dressed in their most glamorous. If you want to feel like you belong but don’t want to attract too much attention, the trick is really to balance your look out. Don’t go all-out as though you’re headed to a red carpet appearance, but don’t play it all down so much that it looks like you’re just going to your local pub. Instead, try to find classic pieces that wow without too much work, and accentuate with just the right number of accessories.

A good go-to is a beautiful sequin dress, as this is easy to play up or play down, depending on the occasion. Pick elegant colors like gold and silver, but remember not to overdo the jewelry if you’re wearing a sequin dress, as too much glitz can appear tacky. Rather, wear simple, discreet accessories, and do an elegant updo to bring all the attention to your dress.

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You could also choose to go down a more classic route: your favorite LBD, this time accentuated by large, chunky jewelry. Wear long, elegant locks, or a simple updo as well, and this look is just about good to go.

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Even better, you could put these two looks together with a shimmery black dress. This has all the elegance of an LBD, with just the right amount of glitz from a sequin dress. Use gold and silver accessories, and you’re ready to paint the town red.


What’s your favorite look for heading down to the casinos?

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