Fashion That Embodies Hip Hop and Skater Culture

Lifted Research Group’s slogan is simply put, “Underground inventive, overground effective.” The company known by many as LRG has definitely done a great job upholding those standards since their inception in 1999.





The company has its roots in Orange County, California after it was started by Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright. The partnership was a match made in heaven as Wright was able to bring an extensive resume to the table after having worked in the streetwear industry with the likes of companies such as Quiksilver, Katin, and O’Neil during an eight-year span. He was also able to help contribute to the resources to the company’s initial samples and patterns.

Bevacqua was the one who able to raise the bulk of the initial start-up capital from friends of his adopted father, who worked in the fashion industry. The guys created the company to make clothes that reflected their interests in Southern California’s skateboard, surfing, and hip-hop culture.

In their initial product run, the company sold out during their first day at Action Sports Retailer Expo in San Diego, California. The company became profitable by 2002 and made its first $1 million in 2000.

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In 2005, LRG made a new, bold move when they announced their women’s luxury line, Luxirie, which catered to women 10 to 30 years old. The label covered six themes, including western and military, and had items such as signature crystal-covered jeans. It launched officially in 2006.

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2006 also saw LRG team up with wireless provider T-Mobile to design and launch a limited-edition Sidekick III. The phone sold out after its production run of 10,000 units.

In 2007, Entrepreneur magazine ranked the company #5 on its Hot 500 list of fastest-growing companies after LRG had sales of $150 million the previous year. The company has also been involved in the promotion of underground recording artists and sponsors a skateboarding team.

In 2011, co-founder Jonas Bevacqua was found dead of natural causes at the age of 34. Despite the tragedy, the company is still thriving along. They have just recently launched their summer clothing and sunglasses collections for 2013.

Celebrities Wearing LRG

In the past, LRG has been worn by everyone from rapper Wale to NBA superstar LeBron James, and with their continued line, will undoubtedly garner even more attention from your favorite celebrities.

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