Versace Corsets Are The Sexiest Fashion Trend Of 2022

Closeup of Kate Hudson with center-parted hair
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Fatima Araos

When it comes to corsets, a trend that’s been dominating red carpet and street style all year, one brand immediately comes to mind: Versace. The Italian fashion house is practically synonymous with the iconic piece and has been so since founder Gianni Versace popularized it in the 1990s.

This year, Donatella Versace reignited that popularity when she sent a collection made up almost entirely of corsets down the brand’s Fall 2022 runway, which then quickly found their way to the wardrobes of Hollywood’s fashion crowd. Ahead, take a look at eight stars rocking the Versace corset trend.

Kate Hudson And Gwen Stefani

Kate Hudson is the digital cover star of Netflix Queue, and one of her outfits during her shoot was a Versace look consisting of the Medusa corset top in pink ($1,750 on the brand’s website) and a black pinstriped pencil skirt.

Gwen Stefani wore the same top and skirt when she covered Vogue Czechoslovakia’s October 2022 issue, styled with a fishnet bodysuit and a ton of gold accessories from the Italian brand.

Rachel Brosnahan And Hailey Bieber

The pink corset and black skirt combo seems to be very popular among celebs. Rachel Brosnahan sported the exact pairing when she attended the Dead for a Dollar photocall at the Venice Film Festival in September.

This corset also has a dress version ($7,395 on Bergdorf Goodman’s website), which Hailey Bieber flaunted in an Instagram post in June. She styled it with chunky white boots and layered necklaces.

Danai Gurira And Camila Morrone

There’s also a black version of the Medusa corset top, which Danai Gurira wore along with a matching pencil skirt, colorful coat (swipe to see), and chain-embellished heels to the 2022 Gotham Awards in late November.

Camila Morrone opted for black as well, but an even sexier one thanks to its sheer fabric, when she attended the brand’s fashion show in September. She teamed it with black trousers and a messy-chic hairstyle.

Katy Perry And Dua Lipa

In an Instagram post announcing her appearance at the 2022 CMA Awards in November, Katy Perry rocked a Versace denim corset top ($1,275 on the brand’s website) along with matching baggy jeans and a ton of jewels.

The Medusa corset is also available in black-and-white tweed. Dua Lipa opted for this version (on sale for $1,412 on Versace’s website, originally $2,825) paired with a coordinating mini skirt when she attended the Sunny Hill Festival in Kosovo in August.

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