Irma Bule set the stage in a passionate gaze whenever she sang.
R.I.P Irma Bule

We at SoJones know that accidents happen everyday and all over the place, but we want to give a big R.I.P. to Irma Bule for everything we represent here at the celeb/fashion headquarters. According to Palo Alto daily: Indonesian pop singer Irma Bule died this week after being bitten by a cobra used an an Read More

#SharayaJ reps Stevie Boi on the red carpet.
Stevie Boi covers Passport magazine

We all know you want that fashion news from the great Sojones, and we always have that ready for you as Stevie Boi hits another home run as Passport magazine gets intimate with the superstar that has emerged from the fashion shows that he’s been doing in cities like New York: You talk about the Read More

#halsey is a breathe of fresh air for music.
The SoJones focus: Halsey

We got legends already like Moka Blast and Stevie Boi tearing up the charts, but we have been noticing like girls like Halsey are prettier than ever. We know that she will be something really big, and already she is leaving a mark on people like no other. Her interview with pop justice was on Read More

Drake Goes the Nice Guy Club in West Hollywood

Pictured: Drake
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Picture by: All Access Photo

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Fashion News: Stevie Boi lands a shoe deal with Koio in Japan

Well we have a super awesome surprise for you this time, as Stevie Boi lands so many deals your head will spin. This is perfect because we were looking for cool shoes to buy this season, and it seems that we have found a beautiful     We got the official news from Stevie Boi Read More

Grown man swag. #onpoint
Vegas Welcomes Stevie Boi for a week

We knew that the stock market might be down, but as far as shades go Stevie Boi just showed the fashion world another real rise from the start. With the worldwide tour going on now, guess who put on some Stevie Boi shades and posted about it on twitter? You guys know Ke$ha wanted to Read More