Throwback Video: Puff Daddy ft Mase “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”

Bad Boy records is forever. Well maybe not forever but when this joint came out you can’t deny that they were on top of the world. The stylist for this video was amazing though. From Biggie’s Versace shades to the Bad Boy football jerseys this one definitely had a massive influence on street fashion. Also Read More

The 8 Most Successful Fashion Brands Owned or Started by Hip-Hop Stars

Even those who aren’t in the Hip-Hop community are aware that fashion and Hip Hop go hand in hand. Besides the music itself, fashion is probably the most important element of Hip Hop. Which is why we’ve seen our favorite artists sport their favorite designers or brands in lyrics, videos and up on-stage. And, it’s Read More

How to Turn Heads in a (Dapper) Plaid 3-Piece Suit

An old-school look has been resurrected lately. We’re talking about the plaid suits that gentlemen, our grandpops and dapper businessmen, wore back in the day. Designers have been rolling out a number of fresh plaid suits for the modern man that have been proudly worn by guys like LeBron James, André 3000 and Jay-Z. And, Read More

Read in Style with Sean John Eyeglasses

We all know that Diddy likes his shades. It’s a signature look that the Hip-Hop mogul has been rocking for years. So, it wasn’t a surprise when Sean John got into the eyewear game. Back in 2007, Diddy teamed up with the people at Marchon Eyewear for a collection of sunglasses that were sold under Read More

Sean John
The Sweet Smell of Success: Sean John’s “Unforgivable”

In 1998, Sean Combs launched his signature collection of sportswear under the name Sean John. The brand quickly won over consumers and critics. After winning fashion awards and exceeding $100 million annually, it only made sense for the brand to expand outside of clothing. Sean John unveiled their signature fragrance, ‘Unforgivable,’ back in 2005, which Read More

Fashion Timeline: The Evolving Style of Male Rappers

Just like the music itself, the fashion of male rappers has changed since the early days of Hip Hop. This evolving style is more than just making a statement, it’s become a cultural event that’s big business. The Late 70s and Early 80s As Hip Hop began in the late 1970s, sportswear and fashion brands Read More