Kendrick Lamar for Reebok’s Ventilator Day Glo

The partnership of Kendrick Lamar with Reebok continues on as he becomes the ambassador for the brand’s newest release, the Ventilator Day Glo. In line with its promotion, Reebok Classics Presents created a short film entitled “Be Ventilated”. The said film will feature Kendrick Lamar, who, since the start of his collaboration with Reebok, has Read More

Reebok ZPump Fusion
Reebok ZPump Fusion: The Revolutionized Running Shoe

Are you still looking for the best running shoe that will allow you to glide freely in the wind? Try the all-new Reebok ZPump Fusion, the newest and most revolutionary running shoe Reebok released this 2015. The shoes are soft enough to be able to uniquely conform to just about any shape or size of Read More

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor is Reebok’s Newest Endorser

Reebok is excited to announce that its partnership with the most inspiring and exciting athlete in the UFC is now official. The newest face to grace Reebok’s advertisements is none other than UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor. Reebok sees McGregor as the best fit to promote the brand’s tough fitness message. It can be recalled Read More

Reebok LX 8500
Reebok LX 8500 in Six New Colorways

The classic and luxurious Reebok LX 8500 came out with six new colorways to the of delight avid fans and customers. This low-cut running shoe adds pleasure – and not strain – to the feet every time you wear it. The six colorways currently available are Moon White, Batik Blue, Steel, Excellent Red, Reebok Navy, and Read More

Reebok X Pump
25th Anniversary Special: Bodega x Reebok Pump “1989”

Reebok’s 25th anniversary special continues on with the newest collaboration from this shoe company and Boston’s Bodega shoe store. The sneakers retain the vintage look of the 1989 Reebok pumps, including its rather famous silhouette image. The pair is created with a mix of leather, suede, and nubuck for its upper material, then uses a Read More

Reebok x Mita Electric City
Reebok Anniversary Offering: ‘Electric City’ Classic Pumps

The Reebok Classic Pumps are celebrating its 25th year anniversary this year. And as the Reebok anniversary offering, Mita collaborates yet another time to create ‘Electric City’. The name give the these sneakers is in reverence to the neon-swamped city of Tokyo. It only follows that this revived Reebok anniversary pair comes in a stand-out mint shade Read More

Reebok Pump Graphite
Most Popular Reebok Shoes of All Time

Reebok is a highly favored English shoe brand founded in Bolton Lancashire. Known worldwide, the brand is quite successful in generating a huge number of fans and followers hooked to their every creation. Over the years, Reebok has made a strong impact in the sneakers industry, thus making it one of the forerunners in terms Read More

Sojones 1-Reebok PHOTO
Footpatrol for the New Reebok Instapump Fury

The collaboration is finally here. Footpatrol teams up with the Reebok Instapump design to recreate ‘Fury’ in honor of this particular design’s 20th anniversary. Fresh from London, Footpatrol was very busy concocting the right shades and hues for the new Reebok shoes that was released on August 2, 2014. The new Reebok shoes sneak peak Read More

Reebok ZQuick
Reebok ZQuick

Runners who are fans of the Reebok label will be delighted to know that the sports brand has recently unveiled their latest addition to their line of running shoe silhouettes. Inspired by z-rated tires Reebok ZQuick features patterns on its outsole that are similar to those in the tires used for luxurious sports cars. This Read More

Shaq Attack 4 Releases New Colorways

One of the most sought after Reeboks has got to be the Shaq Attack. If you are a fan then you’ll be excited to see the recent colorways released earlier this week. Some of them are a simple plain black and white but you can also see they have a really spirited blue and cement. Read More

50 Cent Explains Why He Signed Kidd Kidd To Jack Thriller (Video)

Watch below as 50 Cent, who in the early 2000’s sold 3.8 million pairs of his Reebok G-Unit sneakers, explains why he signed Kidd Kidd to Jack Thriller. Though 50 Cent has since split ways with RBK they are still alive and kicking, check out their latest selections | Here and Kidd Kidd’s “We Up” Read More