Hip-Hop Rappers and the Fashion Trends They Started

Hip-hop fashion has come a long way. Pioneered by the most famous rappers of all time, this line of street wear has created such a huge following all throughout the years. Some of these hip-hop rappers, who used to be a supporter of famous brands, now have their very own urban fashion line. Below is Read More

Karl Kani
Hip Hop Brand Karl Kani’s Massive Return in 2017

The Karl Kani hip-hop fashion line was very big in the 90’s. This 2017, the company is all set for a major comeback in the streetwear industry. This fashion company was established by Carl Williams, who also acts as the CEO and chief designer.  Born in Brooklyn, New York, he has been designing clothes at Read More

We  at the end zone, high stepping prime time.
The SoJones Focus: Moka Blast

We at SoJones have always been purveyors of real game, so we thought it would be appropriate for Kendrick or anyone else to step aside as we introduce the King of NY. Touted as that by top 5 dead or alive rapper Jadakiss, we wanted to naturally reach out to Moka Blast after his performance Read More

On top with the Power loopers. #drake
The SoJones focus: Drake hits a home run in Toronto

We know this will be the ultimate hip hop class that you want to turn up to. We got that back to back content circus that you need for better results in the studio. In honesty, we know that you will want to know about how Drake put Meek Mill in the dust with this Read More

We do it the biggest at SoJones.
The SoJones Interview: Camp Lo

Hey SoJones! We we able to thankfully catch up with rap 90’s legends Camp Lo a while ago and finally got able to publish it for your enjoyment. We would like to thank Swurv Radio and the family for setting this up!   (credit to @dysmanic) • This new album of yours is entirely produced Read More

10 Hip Hop Fashion Accessories You Must Have

Are you raring to be a gangsta? Or maybe you’re an avid follower of hip hop fashion brands? However you classify yourself to be, we only have one suggestion to make: Better not forget about some of the most important and hottest fashion accessories. Some of them you can never do without, as your outfit Read More

P Diddy
10 Richest Rappers of All Time

Rappers may not look anything like your regular wealthy businessman, but some of them are worth more than you can imagine. Listed here are the 10 most popular rappers that have earned over $100 million in the course of their career. You may even be amazed that some of them are worth more than some Read More

Rapper Rahzel Jr’s ‘The Culture’ Music Video Released

After several months of waiting, rapper and Pelle Pelle brand ambassador Rahzel Jr’s ‘The Culture’ music video is finally released. The video’s premiere happened at MTV Jams on March 24, 2015 at 12nn EST. The music video was produced by !llmind and comes as a celebration of hip-hop music and its distinct notoriousness. Rahzel Jr was Read More

the vision is clear now. SEO and coding school makes for top notch raps.
An interview with Dysmanic

If anyone is ready to show you how to get it poppin in the rap game, it will be sojones. we have Dysmanic on a streak for supremacy, and this only means more introspection into who the entity Go Fetti is. With more music rolling out this weekend, we plan to give you a new Read More

The rap game went abstract. #dysmanic #ackronyminc
Dysmanic Presents: Go Fetti

When you have a creative rapper from the bay area who wants to bring a new face to hip hop, look no further than Dysmanic out of Oakland. After working with artists like D-Lo, Dysmanic is ready to become the next big producer anywhere. How will this happen? Simply because working with an expert at Read More

Jacket and sweats
Snoop Dogg’s Hip Hop Fashion Sense

Snoop Dogg, without doubt, is one of the most successful hip hop artists of all time. But he’s not just successful on stage with his music – he’s also quite popular anywhere he goes for his hip hop fashion. He may not be a true-blue hip hop trendsetter per-se. But he certainly makes marks whenever Read More

The Music of Lyssen: Hot New Artist Fuses Rap, Rock, R&B and Poetry

If you are tired of today’s modern genre of music where the word ‘butt’ is a favorite lyrical word, you can have a breath of fresh air with Lyssen’s music. You can say that hers is a new ‘breed’ of music that fuses rock, rap, R&B, hip hop, and surprisingly, poetry. In her new song entitled “No Read More

chris rock and kanye west
Chris Rock goes in on Kanye West

When you have funnyman Chris Rock telling you who his top 5 is, you listen up. That’s why SoJones wants to get to the heart of why you shouldn’t be so appalled that Rock believes ‘My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy‘, is #1 in his book. We would have to agree- when you have producers wearing Read More

Boots and the gang.
Boots Riley and the Coup sign to Knitting Factory Management

SoJones has the scoop on Boots Riley and his new management team. Much congrats to everyone involved; check out the press release below! Los Angeles, CA – Knitting Factory Management, a division of Knitting Factory Entertainment, is pleased to announce the signing of political hip-hop artist Boots Riley and his revolutionary group The Coup. The Coup, fronted by legendary MC and Read More

All the history right here with SoJones!
Hip Hop hall of fame launches $1 million campaign

With half a million dollars already pledged, we got this event popping off like it needs to! The funds for this event will be used to finalize the site lease, facility design, construction, equipment, staffing, and two years of operation. Perks include being a part of the first ever Fan Interactive Exhibit, discounts on Hip-Hop Read More

Edgy All-Black
Hip Hop Outfits in Pinterest

Hip Hop is more than music; it breeds a new culture and inspired various fashion statements too. We checked out Pinterest for the most exciting and cool-looking hip hop clothing to date. Some of them are the classic hip hop look and some of the looks are a new taste on their own. Be creative Read More

Blings and Accessories on a White Shirt
The Most Popular Hip Hop Outfits of the Year

Over the years, hip hop music has gone through a big transformation. From mere beats and rap, it has integrated various technologies to produce techno beats that are engaging and dance-ready. The tunes and music produces by these technologies are very intricately engineered. The hip hop music that we hear on the radio entails lots Read More