10 Hip Hop Fashion Accessories You Must Have

Are you raring to be a gangsta? Or maybe you’re an avid follower of hip hop fashion brands? However you classify yourself to be, we only have one suggestion to make: Better not forget about some of the most important and hottest fashion accessories. Some of them you can never do without, as your outfit Read More

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Snoop Dogg’s Hip Hop Fashion Sense

Snoop Dogg, without doubt, is one of the most successful hip hop artists of all time. But he’s not just successful on stage with his music – he’s also quite popular anywhere he goes for his hip hop fashion. He may not be a true-blue hip hop trendsetter per-se. But he certainly makes marks whenever Read More

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Hip Hop hall of fame launches $1 million campaign

With half a million dollars already pledged, we got this event popping off like it needs to! The funds for this event will be used to finalize the site lease, facility design, construction, equipment, staffing, and two years of operation. Perks include being a part of the first ever Fan Interactive Exhibit, discounts on Hip-Hop Read More

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Hip Hop Outfits in Pinterest

Hip Hop is more than music; it breeds a new culture and inspired various fashion statements too. We checked out Pinterest for the most exciting and cool-looking hip hop clothing to date. Some of them are the classic hip hop look and some of the looks are a new taste on their own. Be creative Read More

The Hip-Hop Sneaker Evolution
Hip-Hop’s Influence in the Sneaker Evolution

With the news of Kanye West inking a deal with Adidas after his feud with Nike, we traveled a little back in time and traced how the hip-hop culture has really influenced the sneaker industry. After all, Yeezy is not the only rap star who had the privilege of getting his own sneaker line. In Read More

Top 5 Watches Under 100 Bucks

Time waits for no man, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish on a budget while you keep track of it. Sure, there are watches out there that look great at $2000, but there are also some really great ones that are surprisingly under $100. We here at SoJones believe in getting the most Read More

The SoJones Urban Fashion Dictionary

Whether you’re in the industry, been involved in the Hip-Hop community for years or are a newbie to the scene, there’s an abundance of terms to describe urban fashion. With so many alterations and slang words out there, it’s easy to get lost or confused. To help you keep up, get acquainted with urban fashion Read More

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The Synonyms of ‘Cool’ in Hip-Hop Fashion

PhotoStock / It gets old explaining how “cool” a fashion item is when using that term over and over again. While “cool” is a perfectly acceptable word, there are so many other phrases that can used to describe fashion. Not to mention, there are terms that are just flat out cooler than “cool”. So, Read More

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Old School: 18 Rapper Yearbook Pictures

School’s out. And, for Seniors, it’s one of the greatest moments of their lives. But, just wait a couple of years and look through your yearbook. You’re gonna cringe. Back in high school, we didn’t really have our own style. We didn’t grow into our bodies yet. And, we fell victim to any number of Read More

The 8 Most Successful Fashion Brands Owned or Started by Hip-Hop Stars

Even those who aren’t in the Hip-Hop community are aware that fashion and Hip Hop go hand in hand. Besides the music itself, fashion is probably the most important element of Hip Hop. Which is why we’ve seen our favorite artists sport their favorite designers or brands in lyrics, videos and up on-stage. And, it’s Read More

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The Skater’s List: Popular Hip-Hop Fashion Brands

grant cochrane / We all know that the Hip-Hop scene isn’t the same without clothing brands. Over the course of Hip Hop’s existence, there have been a number of brands that have been embraced and created by artists and fans. Some influential brands, like Karl Kani or Cross Colours, haven’t been able to survive Read More

What Makes Hip-Hop Artists Cool and Stylish?

Hip Hop and Pop Culture Since the emergence of Hip Hop from the Bronx during the 70s, the genre has changed not only the music industry but pop culture as well. Over the decades Hip Hop has influenced and shaped almost every part of everyday life, from technology to lifestyles. But perhaps no other aspect Read More

Fashion Timeline: The Evolving Style of Male Rappers

Just like the music itself, the fashion of male rappers has changed since the early days of Hip Hop. This evolving style is more than just making a statement, it’s become a cultural event that’s big business. The Late 70s and Early 80s As Hip Hop began in the late 1970s, sportswear and fashion brands Read More