SoJones Legend: The Wu-Tang Clan + GIVEAWAY!

The Wu-Tang Clan is one of the oldest hip-hop collectives in the business with origins that date back to the early 90s. Its presence on the New York City borough music scene is still very much alive today. Inspired by grindhouse kung-fu movies and the ideologies of the Five Percent Nation, the Wu-Tang Clan came Read More

SoJones Friday Giveaway: Urbanears Zinken Headphones!

Have you been wanting a new set of headphones? We’re proud to introduce Zinken, the most ambitious headphone created by Urbanears yet. It’s developed with professional DJs in mind, but with consideration and respect paid to the wallets of lesser-paid amateurs. Zinken has a lot of handy features, such as the TurnCable and the ZoundPlug. Read More

SoJones Friday Giveaway: Reebok Princess

Ladies, this Friday is yours. A throwback from the 80s, the fashion staple that every cool lady in the era SHOULD have had (or at least desperately wanted), we proudly present: the Reebok Princess which first debuted in 1984. Today, the Princess is a trendy, popular silhouette that combines the comfort of an aerobic sneaker Read More

Re-Launching Hub Innovations Giveaway PLUS Additional Gift from PowerSkin!

We don’t just give away stuff here at SoJones. Sometimes we also EXTEND our giveaways. Now, if you remember what we were giving away in accordance with Mother’s Day, we want to extend your chance at winning that prize. SoJones convinced Hub Innovations, the creator of the coolest and most innovative iPhone and iPad cases, to Read More

SoJones Friday Giveaway: SuperTooth Crystal

Introducing the new stylish way to safer driving: the SuperTooth Crystal. SuperTooth just released its Bluetooth Speakerphone line, the Crystal, which features an ultra sleek and stylish design. The device can be attached to a car’s sun visor using a durable, magnetic clip. This allows for instant hands-free calling in any type of vehicle. The Read More

Mother’s Day Special GIVEAWAY: Urbanears and Zero1 VooMote Zapper

Looking for something to give your mom this Mother’s Day?  You still have time.  For the super stylish, music-loving mom, Urbanears could be the answer.  Just imagine Mom jogging or cooking while listening to her favorite music, wearing a stylish pair of headphones.  Cool, right?  Guess what, Urbanears’ spring collection has just the right colors Read More

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Hub Innovations Line of Couture iPhone Cases + GIVEAWAY!

Yes, Mother’s Day is coming real soon and it’s a good idea to check out some stuff to give the most special woman in your life as a token of appreciation for the awesome things she’s done for you.  That’s right, moms deserve cool gifts too, you know.  This year, why not give her something Read More

SoJones Audio Spotlight: V-Moda Custom Crossfade LP Over-Ear Headphones + GIVEAWAY!

It’s not the first SoJones feature of one of the world’s best-known headphone brands, V-Moda, simply because the brand is not stopping its innovations. As the direct result of a vision by founder Val Kolton after a summer in Ibiza, V-Moda was born out of Val’s strategy to capture the unique party culture and sound Read More

Tech Spotlight: Biscotti™ TV Phone + GIVEAWAY!

In a long-distance relationship or simply live far away from those you love? No worries, now you can be there with them from your living room in high definition. Introducing Biscotti™ TV Phone, probably one of those technology you’ve seen on the Jetsons that enables you to make unlimited free calls to other Biscotti and Read More

Underwear Spotlight: BR4SS + GIVEAWAY!

If you’ve been an avid follower of our Streetwear Spotlight and Friday Giveaway columns here at SoJones, you must be familiar with our favorite underwear line, BR4SS. What’s up with them this year? SoJones talked to Travis Siflinger from BR4SS. How’s 2012 been for BR4SS? 2012 has been strong – we’ve expanded the line, added Read More

SoJones Friday Giveaway: Reebok Women’s RealFlex Transition!

SoJones Ladies, today we have a cool giveaway to help you stay fit while still looking fab.  SoJones proudly presents Reebok Women’s RealFlex Transition kicks that will add only good things in your workout. Check the lightweight upper part featuring hot melt logo and suede. The forefoot strap is added for more stability. To ensure Read More

Special Giveaway: PLNDR!

Here at SoJones we’re all about quality stuff, and with quality usually the words ‘exclusive’ and ‘premium’ are within the package. However, it’s not about what you wear anymore. It’s how you get them that’s important. Enter: PLNDR, your ultra-exclusive, members-only shopping website which carries tons of your favorite streetwear labels… with unbelievably affordable prices. Read More

Timepiece Spotlight: Swatch New Gent Lacquered + GIVEAWAY!

So you like watches? Swatch presents the freshest collection of ten sensational designs, which are created to be as eye-catching as possible. Introducing the New Gent Lacquered collection, which combines the super-sleek and stylishly=slick lacquered surfaces with a fabulous selection of fashion-forward colors that will keep the wearer as the center of attention. For those Read More

SoJones Friday Tech Giveaway: Karotz

Feeling a little playful? We just have to do this giveaway when we saw this cute Karotz rabbit. It’s the first-ever smart rabbit compatible with social networks. It provides fun and interactive way to connect with your friends and family. So what can you really do with Karotz? Connect to Facebook and Twitter accounts so Read More

Streetwear Spotlight: Maniakal Ego + GIVEAWAY!

Another treat for you this Friday, SoJones readers!  Meet Maniakal Ego, a brand that will make your wardrobe lit up with enthusiasm.  The spirit of street, skate, hip hop and every flavor that goes with it are embodied within Maniakal Ego’s clothing.  SoJones chatted it up with the brains behind the brand. Introduce yourself and Read More

Streetwear Spotlight: Ethnic Fleet Society + GIVEAWAY!

Time to cast the spotlight on a fabulous street wear brand: Ethnic Fleet Society. A clothing line that combines art, soul, culture and huge passion, Ethnic Fleet Society managed to catch editors’ eyes leaving us all here at SoJones wanting more. Get to know the brand as SoJones chatted it up with Michael Thomas, Read More

SoJones Triple Giveaway: X-Doria!

  This Friday, X-Doria is giving away three gadget-buddies for ONE very lucky SoJones reader! Time to protect your gadgets in style, starting with the brand’s super edgy iPhone 4/4S case: X-Doria Cubit. It’s an iPhone 4/4S case with solid protection and allows you to express your creative side with a customizable/interchangeable design. Check it Read More

Streetwear Spotlight: 2 Many Printers + GIVEAWAY!

If you think Adele is the great comeback of British invasion to the USA, she’s not the only one. Meet a UK-based Streetwear label: 2 Many Printers. If you’re wondering what sort of stuff England has to offer, get to know 2 Many Printers more as SoJones talk to Laurence, the co-founder of the brand. Read More

Streetwear Spotlight: All Day Apparel + GIVEAWAY!

So you think your daily wear is not stylish? Maybe you should check All Day Apparel, a brand that could make your everyday look special without taking away the comfort.  See how less is really “more” and also get to know the brand better, as SoJones talks to SL from All Day Apparel. Introduce yourself Read More

Streetwear Spotlight: ONE90ONE + GIVEAWAY!

When two best friends get together and put their minds to what they do best, success is waiting for them and that’s what happened with Parth Sharma and Girish Karnani. Together, the two formed ONE90NE and conquered their own style demons. Get closer to the brand and find out what ONE90ONE is all about, as Read More

Streetwear Spotlight: Rod Benson’s BOOMTHO Clothing + GIVEAWAY!

Pro basketball player, Rod Benson is among the lucky ones who are in touch with their creative side, and with the gift he created BOOMTHO Clothing. The clothing collection’s style is a crossover of street, skate, beach and swag, perfect for those who are the life of the party, and aren’t afraid of bright colors Read More

Accessories Spotlight: Serious Pimp + GIVEAWAY!

Meet one of the seasoned players in the shades department: “Serious Pimp”. The brand that has been hot in the hip hop fashion scene for over a decade is now linking arms with Snoop Dogg and introducing its gangsta style. But first, do you know Serious Pimp? lets you know the brand better. Introduce Read More

Streetwear Spotlight: Dave McClane Clothing + GIVEAWAY!

We usually do features and giveaways on Fridays, but this time, we decide to spark up your Monday with a Dave McClane Clothing, a clothing line which expresses the inner-city culture which sometimes should be made on your own. Get to know the line better as SoJones editor chats with Herb Germany, the creator of Read More

SoJones Accessories Catch-Up Session: Rome and Tale

Back in August we featured a unique accessory line called Rome and Tale. Apparently the craze is still on and we’re taking notes on the coolest things going on. Entering 2012, Rome and Tale still incorporates and takes inspirations of the old fashion culture from the great city of Rome, the brand’s new collection is Read More

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