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The SoJones focus: Drake hits a home run in Toronto

We know this will be the ultimate hip hop class that you want to turn up to. We got that back to back content circus that you need for better results in the studio. In honesty, we know that you will want to know about how Drake put Meek Mill in the dust with this Read More

10 Hip Hop Fashion Accessories You Must Have

Are you raring to be a gangsta? Or maybe you’re an avid follower of hip hop fashion brands? However you classify yourself to be, we only have one suggestion to make: Better not forget about some of the most important and hottest fashion accessories. Some of them you can never do without, as your outfit Read More

Selena Gomez
10 Most Fashionable Female Celebrities with Active Social Media Accounts

How close do you want to get with your favorite celebrity? If celebrities want their fans to know what they’re up to, chances are they’ll go to the social media to broadcast it. Here are some of today’s most fashionable and popular celebrities with active social media accounts. Each of them commands multitudes in Facebook Read More

Kim Kardashian
Most Expensive Celebrity Jackets

There are just two things true about a celebrity’s fashionable urban wear. First, they’re made by a famous designer. And second, they’re outrageously expensive. Can you imagine the prices of an otherwise normal-looking jacket worn by a popular celebrity? Read on as we feature a rundown of the most expensive celebrity jackets: 1. Michael Jackson’s Read More

Gisele Bundchen
10 Highest Paid Fashion Models

If you have gained the distinction of being a supermodel, it means that you’re not signing up a contract that is worth less than a million dollars. Furthermore, supermodels command a certain amount of power over the very volatile fashion industry. Ranked according to paycheck, here is a list of fashion models that always secure Read More

New York Fashion Week
Discover: The Five Major Fashion Events of the World

Fashion forward individuals shouldn’t allow themselves to be left behind when it comes to the latest fashion trends. And to help you with that, there are at least five major fashion shows that the whole world looks forward to twice every year. Learn all about these well-publicized fashion weeks and get updated with the newest Read More

Martin Margiela
Ridiculous Runway Creations by Famous Fashion Designers

World-renowned fashion designers worked so hard to create a good name for themselves. But why would they throw it all away with one fashion faux pas on the runway? We could never understand why some designers will deliberately create runway pieces that look odd and outrageous. But then again, bad publicity is still publicity, right? Read More

Mariah Carey Before and After
10 Worst Celebrity Fashion Transformations

Celebrities change their look and fashion style as fast as you can blink your eyes. Some had their transformation for the best. But others committed a faux pas. Here are some celebrities whose fashion sense has gone wrong along the way. 1. Janet Jackson The ultimate female pop artist of the 80s has transformed into an Read More

thinking of a new fit? Start from the shoes and work up.
SoJones clothing focus: PRPS jeans

SoJones is always into new articles of clothing that look great and feel good. Our focus this week might be on the pricier side of things, but all you need to know is with the right job, anything is possible. While chillin’ at the spot, i was thinking of the week’s matchups we could do Read More

Jacket and sweats
Snoop Dogg’s Hip Hop Fashion Sense

Snoop Dogg, without doubt, is one of the most successful hip hop artists of all time. But he’s not just successful on stage with his music – he’s also quite popular anywhere he goes for his hip hop fashion. He may not be a true-blue hip hop trendsetter per-se. But he certainly makes marks whenever Read More

Victorias Secret
Top 10 Facebook Fashion Pages to Like

Everybody is on Facebook. And that’s the reason why many brands, more particularly fashion brands, have built Facebook pages to reach out and interact with their consumers. But just like any other fashion merchandise, there are Facebook fashion pages that stand out from the rest. Here’s a list of the ones that are worth liking: Read More

reach for the stars.
The SoJones Fashion sense: Athos Sport Wear

SoJones just got some major sexy on at the powerhouse gym in Redwood City. Why, you ask? We got invited to try out the new Athos shorts because they track movements as you workout. With sensors and high-tech wearables being the craze these days, there isn’t much else of a place to do it all Read More

sojones casino fashion 2
Glitz and Glam: Casino Night Fashion Suggestions

Be the talk of the party with your award-winning look   For centuries, we’ve equated casinos with luxury, afforded only by those who had cash to burn. As such, casino fashion has always been inspired by those living the high life, all glammed up and dressed to the nines, whether they’re playing actual table games Read More

The Supermodel Look
A Look Back into the 80’s Fashion

Who can forget the 80s fashion look which highlights acid-washed jeans, jellies, biker shorts, leggings, and leg warmers, among many other things? And oh, let’s not forget about those anti-gravity hairstyles. If you aren’t old enough to have lived through the 80s and enjoy its heyday fashion, then here are the best looks of that Read More

Marie Claire
Top 10 Fashion Magazines in the World

If there’s a fashion bible that every woman needs to own, it would be the latest issue of her favorite fashion magazine. So if you’re wondering which bible to get this month, hold on and let’s count down the 10 most influential fashion magazine in the world. 10. Lucky Total Circulation: 1,026,230 Lucky is a Read More

The Latest News in Street Fashion

How do you define street fashion? Well, street fashion is definitely not the strict and compelling runway fashion. As a matter of fact, it’s almost the exact opposite of that. Simply defined, street fashion is the kind of look that is influenced by one’s grassroots, culture, age, and at times, the latest fashion trends. If Read More

Edgy All-Black
Hip Hop Outfits in Pinterest

Hip Hop is more than music; it breeds a new culture and inspired various fashion statements too. We checked out Pinterest for the most exciting and cool-looking hip hop clothing to date. Some of them are the classic hip hop look and some of the looks are a new taste on their own. Be creative Read More

1. The Little Black Dress
The Most Popular Female Urban Outfits of the Year

Urban outfits are the most common fashion pieces, yet they are also the one that follows the most ever-changing styles. If you want to know which female urban look made it to this year’s list, check out the list below. You might even find some fashion suggestion that will inspire you. 10. The Long Floral Read More

fashion police
Fashion Police – What will be the Future?

With the loss of Fashion Police’s life blood, Joan Rivers, a lot of viewers think that the show will never be the same again. But as the famous Hollywood adage goes- “the show must go on”. And it will. Fashion Police will still continue to air even at the absence of Joan Rivers who recently Read More

Top 10 Trendiest Men’s Fashion Look

Are you ready to hit the streets wearing an all-time fashionable set of clothes? Men’s fashion has taken a lot of turns during the past decade. The trendiest garbs that captured the attention of fashion stylists are found below. Most of the items on the list are everyday necessities that every man should own, but Read More

Ankle Crop
Top 10 Women Fashion Styles for Fall

Fall is one season that calls for a rummage for new outfits and stylish collections. If you’re one woman who wants to look hot during this pretty special season, then head to the stores and find these fashion suggestions. Once you do, wear your outfit and walk on the streets like you would do a Read More

The SoJones Salute: RIP Oscar De La Renta

We all know Oscar De La Renta for his massive collection of clothing that inspired generations, from J. Lo to Penelope Cruz. For more than four decades, Oscar has shaped the wardrobe and inspired others to share in the elegance: what’s better than that? SoJones remembers in the late 60s and early 70’s, when U.S Read More

j hudson
The SoJones recap: Fashion Rocks 2014

I know SoJones will have to approve a lot of comments on this one! With Fashion Rocks being the #1 source for stars of Hollywood and their best attire, we will evaluate who really can get the red carpet with a red hot look! SoJones will point out that mediocre as well, so let’s get Read More

The Life of a T-Shirt
The Curious Life of a T-Shirt

For years, a T-shirt has been the go-to casual clothing for most people. We buy shirts from graphic to crew neck tees all the time. There is nothing wrong about buying a lot of fashion pieces, but due to today’s norm of throwaway fashion, we end up tossing used shirts into the bin once they Read More

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