Hip-Hop Rappers and the Fashion Trends They Started

Hip-hop fashion has come a long way. Pioneered by the most famous rappers of all time, this line of street wear has created such a huge following all throughout the years. Some of these hip-hop rappers, who used to be a supporter of famous brands, now have their very own urban fashion line. Below is Read More

Michelle Obama
Wins and Fails: The Holiday Fashion Look

While the holidays are still around the corner, celebrities are strutting around with their season-inspired getups and fashion statements. While some of them have exhibited good fashion sense, others went overboard looking too creative. Here’s what we have found: 1. Rhianna and her Santa Claus Belt Rhianna is wishing everybody a wonderful Christmas in this Read More

Jared Leto
Oscar’s Red Carpet Fashion with a Hint of Street Wear Swag

The 88th Academy Award was just held this February and boy, was it parading with celebrity swag and high end fashion. But of course, what is a big event without the rebellious fashionistas who always love to wear something with hint of street wear. From the Oscar’s red carpet, here are some of the celebs Read More

Demi Lovato Grammys 2016
Urban Streetwear Goes to the 2016 Grammys

The red carpet is not exclusive to long gowns and sequined dresses anymore, a few bold and fashionable celebs can get away wearing streetwear and looking as equally awesome as someone wearing a Versace ensemble. Let’s take a look at the recent 58th Grammy awards and spot the great ambassadors of streetwear this 2016. Pharell Read More

Kim Kardashian
Most Expensive Celebrity Jackets

There are just two things true about a celebrity’s fashionable urban wear. First, they’re made by a famous designer. And second, they’re outrageously expensive. Can you imagine the prices of an otherwise normal-looking jacket worn by a popular celebrity? Read on as we feature a rundown of the most expensive celebrity jackets: 1. Michael Jackson’s Read More

Mariah Carey Before and After
10 Worst Celebrity Fashion Transformations

Celebrities change their look and fashion style as fast as you can blink your eyes. Some had their transformation for the best. But others committed a faux pas. Here are some celebrities whose fashion sense has gone wrong along the way. 1. Janet Jackson The ultimate female pop artist of the 80s has transformed into an Read More

Selena Gomez
Best Celebrity Fashion Transformation

Celebrities do change a lot – from the color of their hair all the way to their overall fashion sense. Some of these transformations are worth raving about. Listed below are the 10 celebrities whose fashion transformations have done them well. 10. Rihanna This girl from Barbados entered the music scene with baggy pants and cropped shirt. The Read More

Emma Watson
Best Hidden Tattoos of Celebrities

Celebrities and tattoos almost go side by side these days. There are many celebrities whose tattoos are as popular as they are. The list of tattooed celebrities includes Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus, among others. However, there are a handful of them whose tattoos are not flaunted exuberantly. These are:   Read More

Marie Claire
Top 10 Fashion Magazines in the World

If there’s a fashion bible that every woman needs to own, it would be the latest issue of her favorite fashion magazine. So if you’re wondering which bible to get this month, hold on and let’s count down the 10 most influential fashion magazine in the world. 10. Lucky Total Circulation: 1,026,230 Lucky is a Read More