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The USA Street Style of 2015

The US is among the most fashionable places in the world, perhaps the best in the entire US. There’s no doubt that the Madison Square is America’s concrete runway. So if you happen to strut on the streets of America or if you simply want to know what fashion trends are popular there right now, read on. Here are the USA street styles of 2015 that you surely don’t want to miss.

The Oversized Blazers

Oversized Blazer Women are going to ditch the form-hugging blazers this 2015 and will switch to the bigger, comfier blazers. This look can be aptly described as the ‘borrowed from the boys’ look. The blazers can be paired with almost anything, from ripped jeans to short dresses and everything else in between. Some women will choose to wear them correctly, although others will be content just let it hang from their shoulders.

The Denims

Denim Denims will keep their stance in the USA street style this 2015. From jackets to skirts to jeans, these fashion pieces will prove yet again that they will never go out of style. And one of the fashionable choices would be the denim dungarees. It is the American response to European’s jumpsuits, which is kind of big this year as well.

The Wide Leg Pants

wide leg pants The skinnies are going to rest for a while this 2015 for the USA street style. Instead, they will be replaced by pants with wider leg trousers. Such new look will come in different lengths too. There will be floor-skimming and cropped versions to boot. They are usually paired with a matching top too, or a cool blazer.

The Plaid Look

plaid Plaid is going is making a statement in the USA street style of 2015. And that means they will be found everywhere – in sweaters, pants, skirts, tanks, and almost everything else. So when you see plaid, wear it! It may just make you one of the more fashionable persons in America.

Knee-Length Pencil-Cut Skirt

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These skirts will be seen more frequently on the streets of the US, especially in New York. And they will be the easy favorite of women executives. These knee-length skirts that are made of different kinds of fabric may or may not come with a slit. Heeled shoes are their perfect matches.

The Whites

White shirt If it is the neutral look that will reign in Europe, the USA street style will specifically go with the whites, more particularly for the shirts. White shirts and blouses will be ideal choice for the floral bottoms, denim jeans, or whatever it is you think of wearing today. Long sleeved shirts are going to be the shoo-in favorite over the short-sleeved ones.

The Casual Dresses

Dress Dresses are going be as dominant on the streets of New York this 2015 like they have always been all along. Expect to see different types and kinds of dresses, although the majority will stop just above the knees. And they’ll be paired with heels or boots, depending on the occasion. Women of all ages will enjoy wearing them.

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