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The Best Tattoo of The Year

There has been a lot of creativity flowing this year especially in the area of tattoo art. Artists push the sky to the limits with their genius creations. We are seeing a lot of elaborate designs in simple yet meaningful tattoos. And they are always a hit. Here are the best Tattoos of the Year.

10. Character hand tattoos

Character hand tattoos

There’s a lot of these stuff going on. Real hands and character’s hands combine into something incredibly unique and interesting. The “real hand” is super imposed alongside the character’s full body shot. This is done in a lot of Street Fighter characters and even that of Popeye’s. So much fun!

9. Micro tattoos


Toe Tattoo

The smaller they are, the more complicated they are too make. That’s why tattoo artists take great pride in creating micro portraits. Small as they are, they can be detailed and very intricate- and that’s the challenging part of it. There’s a new trend of inking these minute art in the ring area of fingers, so that’s gives you ten spaces for little tattoos for each of your finger. Plus ten if you want them on your toes!

8. Rose Morphs

Rose Morphs

How many ways can you draw and ink a rose? Apparently, hundreds of ways. We love how the good, old, classic rose flower can morph into many things. It can be a part of timeless hand watch or a part of a pigskin ball. This well-loved piece of design element really transformed all the years and can be a lot of different things in its many, many forms.

7. Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions

Tattoo artists love to play with your eyes and optical illusions are the best way to trick your vision. If you can draw it on Photoshop, you can ink it on your skin. There are many optical illusions tattoos that are getting very popular, from smart geometry to really funny.

6. Eyes


Now that looks like a real-life eye, a very big one at that too. The eye is one of the hardest parts of the body to capture in a tattoo. But if you ink them this big, I guess you have a lot of canvas to get the details right. You got an instant third eye if you wish too. This is one of the hottest trends this year and comes matching with geometric shapes and shades of all kinds.  One tattoo artist inked his eyelids with eyes to look like they are open even though he is sleeping. And yes, we think that’s kind of ridiculous.

5. Superhero

Lego Superhero

When the Lego made their superhero movie, a new breed of idols to look up to came into life. These little creatures are not only a hit at Toys R Us but in the worldwide tattoo trends as well. You can see these little ones making their moves on ink like Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Batman, Hulk and the whole gang.

4. Hyrbid Tattoos

Hyrbid Tattoos

There’s a lot of fun of mixing stuff together and making it standout- or funny. Like this stormtroopeers with a bit of girly, tribal touch. The Star Wars characters are popular tattoo designs and this put them into a brand new light.

3. Feet Tattoo

Feet Tattoo

Miley Cyrus is such a trendsetter this year. Although no one really paraded the street with her wrecking ball outfit (which means wearing almost nothing) she got a lot of people to follow suit when she had the underside of her feet tattoed ‘Rolling $tone”. A lot of celebrities had them, as well as a lot of ink lovers all over the globe.

2. Head Mandalas

Head Mandalas

If you don’t want to go overboard and have your face tattooed like Mike Tyson, you can be a little subtle and have your head tattooed instead. Head mandalas are a big hit this year. Most go bold and get a full head tattoo while most half shaved women will have it on half their scalp and their real hair on the other half of their head. So much for a hairstyle- now that’s a statement!

1. TV Character

TV Character

Breaking Bad is a popular hit TV series that everyone’s been talking about. Mr. White’s character has such a compelling personality that people simple love it. He has that very stern and ruthless attitude that makes its portrayal very interesting and exciting. The tattoo above is an impeccable piece of artwork with beautiful lines and outstanding colors, which make it a total standout.

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