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Ridiculous Runway Creations by Famous Fashion Designers

World-renowned fashion designers worked so hard to create a good name for themselves. But why would they throw it all away with one fashion faux pas on the runway? We could never understand why some designers will deliberately create runway pieces that look odd and outrageous. But then again, bad publicity is still publicity, right? Here’s a rundown of some of the runway fashion designs we might just never understand.

10. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s Michael Jackson Dress

Michael Jackson dress by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

So we know you love Michael Jackson. And this might be one of the many tributes that a good artist gets on the time of his death. But why the weird design? Jean-Charles de Castelbajac included this dress along with a few other weird fashions for his 2009 collection.

9. Thom Browne’s Men’s Dress

Thom Browne

American designer Thom Browne is known for his embellishments and silhouettes. But on this particular creation for the 2009 summer show, he went overboard with the trimmings. Neither the hat nor the coat failed to make things better.

8. Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel


The shirt and skirt looks okay, but when they are combined with those knee and elbow pads, things just got distracting. Is this a chic motorcycle fashion or some super hero look? This only goes to show that Chanel is not very afraid to experiment or try new fashion – even if they look a little bit off.

7. Jean Paul Gaultier’s Quill Pen Look

Jean Paul Gaultier’s

If you won’t mind that bizarre-looking fascinator on the model’s head, things may actually look good for this famous fashion designer. Let’s just say, he just wants to attract a little more attention to this particular design. Let’s give him that. After all, you may always choose to wear the dress alone and forget about the hat – unless you’re Lady Gaga, of course.

6. Martin Margiela’s Glitterati Look

Martin Margiela

Even if you love beads and buttons on your clothes, you may kind of loathe them after seeing this Martin Margiela collection. He even used baseball mitts for this particular spring and summer creations. He’s one talented designer all right, given that he was able to make those detail-intensive clothes. I bet he spent long nights making them. But are they even wearable on the streets? That’s the million dollar question.

5. Alexander Wang’s Pulled-Up Mesh Turtleneck

Alexander Wang

The suit is nice, fashionable even. But Wang went overboard with that meshed turtleneck. We appreciate the idea that it’s helpful in warding away cold. But it does look like an unflattering mask if you ask us. We just hope that the wearer won’t use it for theft or burglary.

4. Miguel Adrover’s Green Warrior Look

Miguel Androver

If you want to scream to the whole world that you love the environment, this creation by Miguel Androver may just appeal to you. This one is a nice way of telling everyone else how earth-friendly you really are. They may even ask you to show off your magical powers. Or mistake you for Poison Ivy.

3. Moncler Grenoble’s Winter Suit

Moncler Grenoble

Each year, Moncler Grenoble simply loves working on his Fall and Winter collection. But he may have overused his skills for this one. We also hope that the fur is synthetic, as it is going to start a rage among the animal rights advocates. This must be what the extremely rich and chic skiing gals look when they decide they want to slide down the Alps.

2. Custo Barcelona’s Tweed and Leather Fashion

Custo Barcelona

This fashion makes the wearer look more like he’s headed for some prehistoric war than a battle for a sale at the mall. The skirt also looks more like an apron too. So instead of giving your audience that confused, what-is-she-thinking look, try to change into normal clothes as fast as you can.

1. Marc Jacobs’s Jamiroquai Hat Look

Marc Jacobs

The high and mighty Marc Jacobs made a huge mistake in this one. The hat is all wrong to start with. And that dress? We can’t even begin to describe it. There are too many layers that we can’t fully comprehend the look he’s trying to achieve. Would care help us out Marc? Better yet, can you just stick to making bags?

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