Guess Logo.
Guess Jeans

When brothers Georges, Armand, Paul, and Maurice Marciano moved from the South of France to America in the late 1970’s, they brought with them a sophisticated European flair when they started designing their own denim. The Marcianos opened their business in 1981 but success didn’t come easily as department stores were hesitant to stock on Read More

Lil' Scappy with Travis Barker in a Famous Stars and Straps Party.
Famous Stars & Straps

Famous Stars and Straps is an American clothing brand by music artist Travis Barker of blink-182. It started in the year 1999 in Ontario, California and has gained a huge following ever since. The punk rock drummer is a respected musician in the rock as well as in the hip-hop world. Aside from of being Read More

The North Face | North Face Clothing

What started out as a retail store for outdoor gear, North Face evolved into a company of world class innovation for outdoor apparel and equipment. The brand’s logo symbolizes the north face of a mountain in Northern Hemisphere. In 1966, Douglas Tompkins an American Environmentalist and Hap Klopp a business magnate built the retail store Read More

Eve at the Magic Convention in Las Vegas, premiering Fetish.
Fetish | Fetish Clothing by Eve

Eve at the Magic Convention in Las Vegas, premiering Fetish. Fetish by Eve is the clothing line by the hip-hop music songstress Eve. Born in Pennsylvania, she started her music career in 1998. Her success came in 2001 after hit single “Let me blow ya mind”, a collaboration with Gwen Stefani, landed them a Grammy Read More

Sergio Tacchini Logo
Sergio Tacchini | Sergio Tacchini Clothing

Sergio Tacchini Logo Being a pro tennis player at the tender age of 17, Sergio Tacchini was inspired to be a sportswear fashion designer. Born in Novara, Italy in 1938, Sergio Tacchini entered the Tennis Club of Milan in 1955. Proving to be a tennis wunderkind, he won the Italian Championship five years later, beating Read More

Avirex's signature leather jackets
Avirex Clothes | Clothing & Accessories by Avirex

What makes the Avirex brand so popular? Is it the military look of the bomber jacket, or the fact that the Avirex creators maintain their connection to the military, which comes from supplying combat flying gear for all branches of the armed services? Maybe it’s the military styling and background that allows Avirex fashion to Read More

Mark Ecko the creator of Ecko Clothing.
Ecko | Ecko Clothing

Since its inception in 1993, Ecko Unlimited has exploded into a leader in the hip-hop, skate/extreme sport and designer fashion markets. Marc Ecko, the creative force behind the Ecko Unlimited brand, has pioneered the fusion of disparate elements of youth culture into a singular expression of global lifestyle. “This is some hot gear. It’s hard Read More

JustSweet Clothing founder Jennifer Lopez
JustSweet | Just Sweet Clothing

Jennifer Lopez, also known as J-Lo, created two clothing brands alternate from her original “J-Lo” label since 2001. Lopez launched both Sweetface and JustSweet clothing brands, catering to two different markets she is relevant within. Sweetface clothing, launched in 2001, is a chic brand that’s constantly evolving with the demands of the high fashion diva Read More

Greedy Genius gets colorful with their shoes.
Greedy Genius | Greedy Geniu$ Footwear

The sneaker line Greedy Genius is truly a diverse business, “…formed by four people from four different continents. One of the members is from Ethiopia, another is from France, and the two masterminds are from USA and Hong Kong.” It all started in 2005, when the four friends decided to be ‘greedy’ and bring sneaker Read More

During the New York launch, the Simmons sisters’ Pastry shoes looked so deliciously hot.
Pastry | Pastry Shoes

True to its name, Pastry is a luscious line of urban clothing, footwear and bags which can make you crave for more. Pastry is the brainchild of sisters Vanessa and Angela Simmons, stars of the MTV reality show “Run’s House” and “Daddy’s Girls.” The name was derived from Vanessa and Angela’s favorite desserts. These yummy Read More

SouthPole Graphic Tee
Southpole Clothes | Clothing & Accessories by Southpole

Urban clothing isn’t so much a fashion as it is a state of mind. Urban is so much more than its city born origins, it is a blending of attitudes, ideas, and cultures. True urban fashion is about personality and individuality. It represents a risk, a need, and a desire to not conform to today’s Read More

A signiture pair of Akademiks jeans.
Akademiks | Akademiks Clothing

Since 1999, American clothing brand Akademiks has been the innovator, creator and the driving force behind what’s hot and relevant in urban fashion. Their motto “DENIM IS KING” has been at the forefront of every one of Akademiks’ collections and has become popular among denim enthusiast who craves quality and detail. Vintage washed, hand-dressed, hand-brushed, Read More

Inkslingers clothing.
Inkslingers | Inkslingers Clothing

Anyone and everyone seems to be tatted up these days in some form or fashion, so much so that tattoo art has entered into mainstream culture. The past several years have seen various tattoo-inspired clothing companies in the market who appear to be borrowing from the same formula. One of the newer players in the Read More

The signature Lacoste crocodile.
Lacoste | Lacoste Clothing

Having evolved from an exclusive tennis apparel brand in 1933, Lacoste now leads the fashion market with its extensive lines of footwear, perfumes, leather goods, watches, eye wear, and high quality clothing. Lacoste takes its name from René Lacoste, a world renowned tennis player and sports enthusiast. In René’s time, he was not fond of Read More

Zoo York Logo
Zoo York | Zoo York Clothing

Zoo York’s history began back in the late 1970’s as graffiti and skateboarding were vastly becoming a cultural phenomenon in New York City. A group of loose-knit skateboarders and graffiti artists called “Soul Artists of Zoo York” coined the term “Zoo York” by an underground subway tunnel that runs through the vicinity of Central Park Read More

Classic Gino Green Global T-Shirt
Gino Green Global | Gino Green Global Clothing

Loud colors, eye-catching details, fresh designs, graffiti laden, stamped with exclusive logos, those are just a few words to describe Gino Green Global, a clothing company that started in 1999 whose history is as rich as its culture. Prince, the chief designer and one of the owners of Gino Green Global started painting on walls Read More

Pelle Pelle Logo
Pelle Pelle | Pelle Pelle Clothing

Pelle Pelle is an urban fashion brand launched in 1978 by designer Marc Buchanan. His clothing specializes in transforming street clothes to urban gear and appeals to a wide variety of individuals. But what started out as a leather outerwear company evolved into a 21st Century lifestyle brand for men, women and children. Pelle Pelle Read More

Live Mechanics | Live Mechanics Clothing

Live Mechanics clothing brand was spawned from the fusion of music and the streets. Shaking up reality through art, music and an appreciation of life’s challenges, Live Mechanics has been a force in the world of street couture since 2000; offering a new conscious line bound for revolutionary achievement. It was created to be an Read More

Notorious B.I.G
Coogi Brand | Clothing & Accessories by Coogi

  The hip-hop culture is known not only for its amazing music, but also for its unique look. The look is ultra cool, with a plethora of signature pieces popping up all the time. Blending hip-hop and urban cultures, the Coogi clothing line has become one of the best known, and most loved, clothing lines Read More

A gathering of fashionable music moguls. Jay Z (of the Roca Wear fame) poses with Fabolous, creator of Rich Yung.
Rich Yung | Rich Yung Clothing

From 2000 to 2005, Brooklyn-based John “Fabolous” Jackson set his own fashion trends, making him a stylish Hip Hop Mogul. This gave him inspiration to create his own brand. In 2006, Brooklyn-based rapper Fabolous’ found his “dream team of designers.” That very year, his fashion aspirations became a reality with the birth of Rich Yung Read More

Mecca Girls Ruffle Sleeve Glam Tee
Mecca Girls

Mecca is a denim driven clothing company that was started in 1995. The brand name quickly gained notoriety with their fashion forward sense of style.   Mecca is known to be the uniform of urban youth, as well as the hip hop nation. They have items such as Mecca Girls Bejeweled Belted Skinny Jeans – Read More

Hip Hop Clothing Blog – May 2007

May 18, 2007 – DrJays Update Available @ DrJays Clothing Store Sean John Clothing (1-5), Rocawear Clothing(6-7), Crooked Ink (8) Summer time is here, what are you wearing? Sean John shirts are flying off the racks and it seems Diddy wants to bring the Pink tops in! Check out the Sean John linen shirt and Read More

Demo Clothing Store – Hip Hop Clothing Blog

April 17, 2007 – Dr Jays On-Line Retail Clothing Shop Updates Available @ Dr Jays On-line Ecko Hoody(1), Enyce Clothing(2-4), Lot 29 Clothing (5-6), Lrg Clothing(7-10) Dr Jays has some updates around the site. They also picked up the L-R-G Mr Lavaman track jacket and tees too. Feel free to browse b/c there’s more clothing Read More

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