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Nike Tech Pack 2015 Collection

Nike Tech Pack Hyperfuse Vest

Athletes are faced with different challenges every day and Nike does its best to help them keep up. The newest Nike Tech Pack 2015 collection eases athletes through the cool mornings, hot afternoons, and chilly evenings. All of the new items in this new collection boast of breathability.

The Tech Hyperfuse Windrunner for men and women come with laser perforated sweat zones for unbeatable ventilation. The windbreaker is made with featherweight rip-stop nylon, which is ideally designed to conquer the mercurial summer weather.

The other product in the collection is the Women’s Tech Hyperfuse Vest that gives the arms a full range of motion, while still keeping the rest of the body protected from hot and cold elements. The vest is made with perforated mesh lining for zonal flocking, breathability, and increased air circulation.

These two new additions to the Nike Tech Pack collection make summer more bearable for athletes. To make yourself updated with the latest trends, download the Nike Tech Pack Lookbook from iTunes or Google Play.

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