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Visiting New York real soon and you are wondering about what the people out there commonly wear on the streets? Well, worry no more. Here are some good clothing suggestions that you may try. These are the current and the hottest New York street styles this year.

Light Flight Jacket

Flight Jacket Yes, you may wear a flight jacket like a pilot out on the streets of New York. And you can do so in a rather fashionable way too. You simply pair these flight jackets with a matching skinny jeans and a nice pair of hat if you like. A black or white shirt is ideal as well.


jump suit Jumpsuits are slowly getting common in New York, mostly because they are currently popular in London these days. You may choose to start the trend while you’re here. Just pick jumpsuit that matches your color. It may be worn under a blazer as well. This look is ideal if you want to go polished yet casual.


vest If you are not into jackets or blazers, try vests instead. While this fashion item can be a little too tricky to wear in a rather fashionable manner, you’ll become a big success if you’ll be able to pull this one off beautifully. It all boils down to picking the right clothes to wear under it.

High-Waisted Jeans

high waisted jeans Are you a fan of the 70s look? Then you’ll definitely enjoy reviving the high-waisted look that is making a huge comeback in New York this season. And of course, these high-waisted jeans usually come in wide legs. These are the nicest spring look, if you’re to visit New York at such a season.


windbreaker While windbreakers are highly associated with men, women can wear them too. In New York, you will see them frequently roaming the streets paired, sometimes paired with a bucket hat at that. If you simply know how to play with colors, you can very well pull off this look.


sweaters There is no doubt that the US is the land of sweaters and New York is not an exemption to the rule. The more graphic and colorful the sweater you’ll wear, the better choice they are. Confidently wear them with a neutral bottom and you will definitely take the streets of New York by storm.


stripes If you love designs or graphics on your clothes, then settle with the stripes. Whether it is for your top or your bottom, you will blend so well in New York wearing it. The colors of the stripes won’t matter at all, but it will be better if you settle for the neutral colors like white, black, gray and brown.

Cropped Pants

cropped pants Though it is winter, cropped pants are huge in New York. Women are slowly getting tired of the usual skinny jeans so they are opting for the lighter and more comfortable pair of cropped pants. So may try them anytime. They are also great for a little shoe experiment. You might be surprised your good old sneakers may go very well with them too.

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