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London Street Style Suggestions

Gearing up yourself for an ultimate fashion adventure? Well, you better be familiar with what’s hot at not on the streets of London first before taking on the plunge. If in case you are simply looking for your own fashion inspiration, here are some London street style suggestions you may always try.

The A-Line Skirts

a-line skirt

When women would like to look more feminine in London, they go for the A-line skirts. Put them on with the right top and they will look good on you too, for sure. This fashion choice may just be the easiest piece of clothing you can try. It’s our best London street style suggestion too.

Oversized Shirts

oversized shirt

Yes, they still do this in the streets of London. This fashion style achieves the rugged outdoor look. So if you want to feel carefree for the rest of the day, find a nice-looking shirt and pair it with sexy shorts or some skinny jeans. You won’t go wrong with this one. Trust us.

Faux Fur Coats

faux fur coat

In order not to rattle any of the animal rights group, be sure that you only wear faux fur while in London. You will be a well-celebrated fashion icon if you do so, but you may be loathed if you have mistakenly chosen to wear real fur. So never do that, even if you have the money to do so.

Sports-inspired clothes

sports top

Sports jackets and tops are quite big in London. And it really doesn’t matter if you choose to wear a New York Knicks top under your jacket so long you’re able to pull off the desired look. If you are a sports fan, now is the best time to show it off in London.

T-shirt Dress

Tshirt dress

A shirt and a dress in one? Yes, that’s possible. And it’s one of the most followed trends in London too. You might even get them with the nicest prints too. This may just be the best outdoor look for women, just be sure to match it with your favorite sneakers. Wear it well and you can go romping the streets of London in style.

Vintage Tops

vintage top

From shirts to jackets, the vintage look is starting to appeal very well to the masses of London all over again. As a matter of fact, this London street style is the most achieved look these days, both for men and women. It is the least expensive fashion choice too, as you can practically get a few pieces of nice vintage clothes from the second hand stores here and there.

Short Dresses

short dress

Knee-length dresses are perfect for London’s everyday casual look. You will find a lot of these at Topshop. So if you have one of these stores near you, dive in and get as many pieces as you need before flying in. Depending on what type of shoes and accessories you choose to wear these dresses with, you will nicely blend into wherever you want to go in London.

Follow these London street style suggestions and you’ll enjoy blending and mingling with the locals at any chance you get. Your travels will never be as fun.


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