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European Street Style in 2015

Paris, London, and Milan – these are the three major European cities where the most fashionable individuals live and breathe. Out in Europe, it is almost impossible to see individuals who aren’t dressed very well while walking the streets. This 2015, the hottest European street styles suggest an even more fashionable ensemble. Here are some of the fashion pieces and clothing to watch out for:

The Bottoms

Skinny Jeans The 2015 street wear trends in Europe are going to be big on the fit, just like it has always been. Skinny jeans are going to stay, although a lot of women will gladly show a lot of legs as well. Short skirts, stockings, tights, and pantyhose are going to be very popular on the streets this year.

The Shoes

Shoes It is also very important to wear the right kind of shoes for the best set of clothes. Boots go well with skinny jeans and heels are always perfect with skirts. Flats, sandals, sneakers, and clogs will continue to roam the streets this year.

The Accessories

scarf Accessories are going to be a necessity this 2015, more particularly the scarves. As a matter of fact, these scarves have always served as the main distinction between European street fashion versus the fashion from any other place, including New York. Expect both men and women to wear scarves while trekking the streets.

The Trench Coat

Trench Coat Fashion forecasts also point to the continuing reign of the trench coat. There’s no doubt that it will once again serve as the most preferred European street style look during the colder months and rainy winters. It will be worn with a matching bonnet or cap in order to complete the classic yet very chic look.

Designer Clothes

Designer Clothes Designer clothes are going to be big as well, although middle class Europeans will rather stick to brands like H&M, Mango, Zara, Topshop, and Gap. Wearing clothes purchased off the store is generally okay, but since you’re in Europe, it is almost a staple to get your clothes altered to fully fit your frame before showing it on the streets.

The Neutrals

Neutrals Generally speaking, the 2015 European street style will remain classic and simple. Neutrals are going to be quite popular. Neutral shades will be combined with bright accessories like jewelry, scarf, and shoes to complete the effect.

The Sweaters

Sweater While tight clothes are seen to dominate, slightly oversized clothes will continue to be an option for people who want to achieve a comfier feel. Chunky sweaters are usually combined with tight skirts or skinny jeans to keep that very important fashionable look.

The Hippie

Hippie The hippie look is expected to make a comeback this 2015 in Europe. All the fans of this 1970s fashion look will surely get excited, as they can sport the chic bohemian look all over again. This fashion statement is expected to run during the entire length of the summer.

The Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit Another notable fashion comeback will be the jumpsuits. This street wear revives the utilitarian look, albeit in a more fashion-forward manner. The things that will make the jumpsuits tick are the statement jewelry, belt, and scarf which will be worn along with it.

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