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Duke University’s Limited Edition Apparel from Nike

Duke University Championship Apparel In celebration to the team’s fifth national championship title, Nike created an inspiring collection of limited-edition apparel especially for Duke University. The university’s recent victory allowed them entry into the elite group of college basketball teams. The Blue Devils, which is coached by Mike Krzyzewski, exhibited a highly accomplished performance in the entire length of their term in the league. They won the championship in 1991, 1999, 2001, 2010 and just recently, 2015. The made 12 Final Four appearances with a total of 88 NCAA Tournament wins. The university is expected to continue its hardcourt prowess in the years to come. The limited edition apparel collection from Nike consists of an official championship T-shirt and hat. These are the same pieces that were worn on the court by the players as they celebrated their win. The items can be bought at the official Nike store or from Duke University’s official athletics website, Catch these drops while they’re super hot.

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