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Best Urban Fashion Looks from Around the World

Touring the world clad in a jaw-dropping outfit makes the experience more exciting. Some of the latest urban fashion looks from around the globe were compiled here to give readers a good glimpse of what’s hot and what’s not in other highly fashionable cities. Check them out.

1. Russia

Jackets, sweat shirts, trench coats, and oversized blazers are what’s big in today’s Russia’s street fashion.  This urban look is true for both males and females, although each gender tends to don a unique accessory to tie together their individual urban fashion statement. Most men go for the jacket, jeans and bonnet combo. Women, on the other hand, usually pair up their blazers with skirts and boots. Males love backpacks while the females tend to settle for the small handbag or sling bag.


2. Nigeria

In Nigeria, the men are taking the limelight away from the women as far as street fashion is concerned. One of the most celebrated and by far, the best urban fashion looks today include the cinched leather blousons paired with skinny pants. But yeah, you still have that good old rapper look popular out on the African streets.


3. Seoul

Seoul is unmistakably full of excitement when it comes to urban fashion. You’ll find a lot of trendy guys and gals wearing outfits you’ll simply adore.  The Korean’s fashion sense is not very far from today’s modern look. But what’s kind of interesting is that some street wear cleverly include a touch of traditional clothing. And that is definitely one example of the best urban fashion look of all time.


4. Japan

When in Japan, you just got to be more adventurous – especially with your clothes. Street wear could go anywhere from the modern chic look to the eccentric style, so just take your pick. Like Koreans, the Japanese are kind of fond of adding an interesting twist to the traditional kimono. But generally speaking, it is has always been about layering and accessorizing out here. And yes, that means you have to go from head to toe. Playing Cosplay on the streets? That’s common too.


5. London

The streets of London are only for the modish, that’s for sure.  Out here in England, elegance always rules.  The classic yet well-designed clothes are the most popular choices. However, you must never limit yourself as far as creativity is concerned, else you might not be wearing the best urban fashion look at all. Put on a hat, get a designer bag, or do both. Then make sure that your shoes match something else and you’ll be A-ok.


6. Italy

Italy isn’t the fashion capital of the world for nothing. With the streets becoming everyone’s runway, sashay confidently donning exciting pieces from the country’s top designers. That’s the best urban fashion advice you can get and it will never do you wrong. The most common urban fashion wear include leather dresses, skirts, and what not. Get inspiration from the country’s top supermodels. You can be sure that those highly fashionable girls won’t wear anything amiss. And oh, don’t forget to invest heavily on a good pair of sunglasses.


7. Dubai

Feeling cold and longing for the scorching heat of summer? Head over to Dubai and experience not just that wonderful year-long summer, but also a fashion experience like never before. Dubai is currently tagged as the melting pot of many cultures. Being so, the urban fashion sense here calls for light fabrics in bright and vibrant colors. Traditional embroidery, beads, kafrans, and the sari are quite popular among the women. But don’t forget this piece of advice: don’t wear anything too revealing.


8. France

France, like Italy, is a good stage for some dress-up fun. The urban fashion sense of the French falls under the “quite simple” category. But hey, each piece of clothing they wear does come with an impact. You’ll then understand that most of the time, it isn’t just about the clothes – it’s the attitude that comes with wearing it. Putting on something nice in France is never really difficult. All you have to do is go with your vogue instinct.


9. New York

When in New York, you just have to follow one fashion rule – get comfortable. The urban fashion look of New Yorkers could boil down to a simple pair of jeans paired with a tank top. Or you can go for a short dress and a pair of boots. The secret lies in the hat, shades, or jewelry that you’ll wear with your outfit of the day. Wear simple clothes and jazz up your OOTD. Then walk the streets like a superstar.

New York

10. China

With their sleek bodies and beautiful skin, there’s really something about the Chinese that can make even the simplest clothes look nice and trendy. The straight-forward street fashion of China is quite different from that of Japan and Korea. But no, they are definitely not left behind. Layering is highly practiced here, albeit in a rather downplayed mode.


Fashion changes every season. And that rings true in every corner of the world too. And all that comes with the joy of wearing the best urban fashion look. Dressing up has never been as fun.

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