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A Look Back into the 80’s Fashion

Who can forget the 80s fashion look which highlights acid-washed jeans, jellies, biker shorts, leggings, and leg warmers, among many other things? And oh, let’s not forget about those anti-gravity hairstyles. If you aren’t old enough to have lived through the 80s and enjoy its heyday fashion, then here are the best looks of that decade. See if these eccentric styles can get you in the dress-up groove.

The 80s Fashion Means Color

The 80’s Fashion Means Color

Neon colors are the hottest shades of the 80s fashion. The idea is, the more colorful you are, the prettier you’ll look. From head to toe, your outfit should scream bright colors. This model here uses yellow to express her style. She started it with her necklace and ended it all up with the pair of sneakers in almost the same shade. Did you also notice the big loop earrings? That’s very 80s indeed.

Denims All Around

Denims All Around

Acid-washed faded jeans are the biggest thing in the 80s. And that would means jackets and skinny jeans worn at the same time, and then paired with the unmistakable 80s hair style. Red and blue go really well in this 80s fashion inspired look. But if you want to go bolder than usual, a more eccentric undershirt will suit you better.

The 80s Accessories

The 80’s Accessories

No fashion look is ever the same without the right accessories thrown into the mix. So for the 80s look, you need to combine colorful bangles, knee high socks, and sneakers with the off-shoulder layered blouse and leggings. This 80s fashion look appeals to teens the most. So if you’re raring to sport the cute and classic 80s look, go big on the accessories. You’ll surely pull everything off nicely.

The 80's Pastel Collection

The 80’s Pastel Collection

Pastel shades officially started in the 80s. From blouses to skirts to shorts, there’s no mistaking about showing your best in these cool-looking outfits. Just take your pick from this featured 80s pastel collection. Don’t they look nice and elegant? Now that is one thing that happened fashionably right during that decade.

The Supermodel Look

The Supermodel Look

Gianni Versaci made it big in the 80s. But that’s not without the help of his top supermodels in the likes of Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen, and Carla Bruni, among others. These pretty girls started out their careers in the 80s. See how gorgeous they all look in the 80s fashion? Now that’s some really nice inspiration to get you going.

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