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99 Problems But Style Ain’t One: Jay Z’s Top 10 Looks

The Black Album turned 10 back on November 14, 2013. Damn. We’re all getting old. While a lot of people celebrated the anniversary by reminiscing about what was supposed to be Hov’s swan song, we all know that the man has been unstoppable during the last decade.

He’s released four solo albums, a collaboration with Kanye, became a father, launched the careers for acts like Rihanna, curated the Made in America festival and has become one of the most powerful and dominating businessman in the world. He’s also had a hand in clothing collaborations, like those sleek Reebok S. Carters from 2003. So much for retirement. But, Jay has proved something else following the release of The Black Album. He’s a style icon.

You would hope that since he owns a little clothing line by the name of Rocawear Mr. Carter would know a little something about style, which he’s illustrated each and every time he steps out in public. So what makes Jay Z one of the most stylish men out there? Well the cash and access to some of the most on point designers doesn’t hurt, there’s a little bit more than that. Over the last decade Hov has selected age appropriate outfits, something he let us all know when he declared “I don’t wear jerseys, I’m 30 plus. Give me a crisp pair of jeans… [and a] button-up.” Jay also knows how to dress for the right occasion. He pretty much provides the perfect example of how every man should dress as he gets older and takes on the world.

To honor this style icon, here’s a look back at Jay Z’s top 10 outfits from the last decade.

10. May 1, 2013

'The Great Gatsby' World PremiereImage Source: Mario Santoro/AdMedia via ImageCollect

At the New York premiere of the Great Gatsby, Jay rocked a simple enough suit. But, the plaid pattern gave this suit just a little something extra to make it extraordinary.

9. September 26, 2012

Premiere of NBA 2K13 Game at 40/40 Club  6W25stImage Source: John Barrett/Globe Photos via ImageCollect

While at the premiere for NBA 2k13 at the 40/40 Club, he kept things casual by pairing an Acne sweatshirt with “GLOBAL” across the front with green camo pants.

8. November 9, 2011

VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOWImage Source: acepixs via ImageCollect

During a performance with Kanye at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, he kept it simple with an all-black getup that included a sharp leather jacket.

7. November 16, 2010

Jay-Z On Letterman - November 2010Image Source: Nancy Kaszerman/ via ImageCollect

Hov showed up to the Late Show with David Letterman sporting a pair of glasses, plaid shirt and extra large scarf. Gotta keep warm in NYC during November.

6. February 10, 2009

SONY/BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT 2008 GRAMMY AFTERPARTYImage Source: Clinton H. Wallace-photomundo-Globe Photos Inc via ImageCollect

The name’s Carter. Shawn Carter.

5. November 12, 2007

TRL GUESTSImage Source: acepixs via ImageCollect

Jay arrived to TRL all bundled up in camo hoody and leather jacket. The shades and scarf just add a little edge to the look.

4. November 22, 2006

JAY_ZImage Source: Graham Whitby Boot/allstar/Globe Photos Inc via ImageCollect

He proved during a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that real men wear pink.

3. April 3, 2005

jay-z(4)Image Source: Andrea Renault-Globe Photos, Inc. via ImageCollect

During the Broadway opening of Julius Caesar, Hov perfectly blended formal with casual by sporting a jacket, sweater and tie with jeans and all-white sneaks.

2. November 24, 2004

JAY-Z AND FRIENDS 11-24-2004Image Source: Valerie Goodloe-Globe Photos, Inc. via Image Collect

Despite performing at the Staples Center in LA, Jay proudly shows off where he’s from in a Yankee-themed ensemble that included a Navy pinstripe vest.

1. November 25, 2003

Jay-Z Final Concert in New YorkImage Source: Aviv Small/ZUMA Press via ImageCollect

Jay Z had several wardrobe changes during his final show at MSG, but we dig the sports jacket, denim jeans and tee that paid respect to Biggie the most.

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