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10 Most Fashionable Female Celebrities with Active Social Media Accounts

How close do you want to get with your favorite celebrity? If celebrities want their fans to know what they’re up to, chances are they’ll go to the social media to broadcast it. Here are some of today’s most fashionable and popular celebrities with active social media accounts. Each of them commands multitudes in Facebook and Twitter. You may join in the fun if you want. They are:

10. Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Facebook Fans:  > 60 Million Twitter Followers: > 14 Million Although many fans regard Beyonce more of a brand than a real celebrity with a real social media account, her league of fans is still too big to ignore. Maybe she is just being very careful of the things that she posts online. And that is not a bad practice considering the celebrity status she’s enjoying. With that said, you can be sure that she’s very careful of her fashion statements or the things that she wears online.

9. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Facebook Fans:  > 43 Million Twitter Followers: > 31.6 Million Jennifer Lopez’s career is one that is highly followed. With her humble beginnings as a backup dancer, she worked pretty hard to become the multi-million performer that she has become. Having said that, it isn’t surprising why she is one of the today’s most popular celebrities enjoying a well-deserved fame. JLo’s sound fashion choices are always evident on the red carpet. Then and now, spectators are always anticipating what she’ll be wearing.

8. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Facebook Fans:  >  56 Million Twitter Followers: > 28.2 Million Always the evergreen young star. Selena Gomez will always have that sweet teenage star charm. Given her age, this former Disney actress makes herself very visible over the internet through her social media handles. Now you all saw her fashion transformation from being a teeny bopper to becoming a young lady. And you can expect to see more now that she has fully embraced womanhood.

7. Nicki Minaj

Nicki_Minaj Facebook Fans:  > 42 Million Twitter Followers: > 19.1 Million Of all the female celebrities in this list, Nicki Minaj must be one with the most active social media account. She averages 20 posts per day, which is more than enough to get her fans excited and engaged. And those are not 20 boring tweets, mind you, as each one of them is colorful and thrilling. And when it comes to her fashion sense, there’s really not much you won’t disagree with – especially if you dig the street fashion or urban wear style.

6.  Britney Spears

Britney_Spears Facebook Fans:  > 39 Million Twitter Followers: > 41.4 Million From a teen pop star to the celebrity mom, Britney is not to be stopped even after all the things that she had gone through her career. It has been a roller coaster ride, and you won’t mind giving her an A for resilience for sure. This celebrity mostly uses her social media account to announce new shows and guest appearances. But of course, she also uses it to show the other side of her personality, as well as share a few pictures of her family. Though she’s has done major fashion blunders in the past, let’s just blame them to the clouded judgment she used to have.

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Facebook Fans:  > 70 Million Twitter Followers: > 55 Million Today’s fastest rising star. That is how you can describe Taylor Swift. She’s poised to be the next superstar of the music industry, if she isn’t already is. She loves selfies and that’s one of the reasons why she’s got so many fans and followers. And they’re increasing at an unprecedented rate. People just love her photos and her good fashion sense. And yes, her songs are great too. Her music always seems to struck gold with her audience.

4. Shakira

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Facebook Fans:  > 100 Million Twitter Followers: > 30.2 Million With that magnitude of Facebook followers, you can be sure that Shakira is the hottest Latin artist today. She has an international fan base, no doubt about that. And you’ll definitely have a million likes over a single post on your Twitter or Facebook account if you utilize the bilingual language features of the sites, right? That, and the fact that Shakira is all too open with her fans, gave her the leverage among today’s hottest female celebrities. Let’s leave it to her to know exactly how to keep her fan base engaged.

3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry Facebook Fans:  > 71 Million Twitter Followers: > 68 Million If you are closely following Katy Perry’s posts and tweets, you’ll feel that she has mastered the use of the social media. She shares and bares just enough to excite her fans yet never reveal too much information that will put herself into trouble – even if she’s at war with other celebrities. The only mishap she made was when she accidentally shared her phone number via a Twitter video post. But even that wouldn’t stop this accomplished star from sharing herself wearing her favorite vintage fashion outfit.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Facebook Fans:  > 61 Million Twitter Followers: > 45.5 Million With her extraordinary stage antics and brave fashion choices, there’s no doubt why Lady Gaga is enjoying massive popularity today for all the right and wrong reasons. You’ll either love or hate this girl, but she’s not about to stop what she’s doing. Given that, let’s not dwell too much on her fashion choices, as that will start a massive debate by itself. But if everything just boils down to starting a whole new fashion trend, Lady Gaga surely deserves the top spot.

1. Rihanna

Rihanna Facebook Fans:  > 81 Million Twitter Followers: > 43.4 Million Rihanna is well-loved by her fans and it shows. She’s makes seven tweets a day that keeps her fans up to breast with what she’s doing. And she tends to bare her true self too. Too much, actually, that she has lost an endorsement deal or two just because of what she had posted on her social media accounts. But she takes those astride and continued to be what and who she is. Kudos to Rihanna, as this top spot rightfully belongs to her. As for fashion, it’s very evident that she’s got it.

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